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A group of preschoolers arrived as my friend, Bob, and I were sitting on the bleachers just outside the racquetball court and trying to catch our breath between games. Race-running, soccer-ball-kicking, tricycle-riding and twirling-dancing preschool children spread out across the basketball court, set the air abuzz with an energy I envy and filled the gym […] Read More

I agree with theologian Robert McAfee Brown in “The Spirit of Protestantism” in which he said: “There has not been a moment in the church’s life when it has not stood in need of reformation, redirection, and renewal at the hand of God.” That was true 495 years ago at the dawn of what we […] Read More

Sermon delivered by Heather Entrekin, pastor of Prairie Baptist Church in Prairie Village, K.S., on Mar. 8 2009. Mark 8: 31-38 Last week, at the spiritual retreat participants, it was my job to talk about blessing.   After I explained what a blessing is and how important a blessing is, I asked them to think of […] Read More

Many people will remember Fred Rogers as the cardigan-and-tennis-shoe-wearing host of PBS’s immensely popular show, “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.” Until now, few may have known Rogers was an ordained minister in the Presbyterian church. His ability to communicate sincere affirmation and acceptance to young children was a gift many of us would like to share. That […] Read More