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Acacia Resources

How can you rejuvenate your Bible study, care for creation and save money? Use one of 17 undated, PDF curriculum units published by Acacia Resources – a division of Ranging from five to 13 weeks in length, the studies are written by global Baptists and address a variety of topics and texts. Leader guides […] Read More

Baptists from more than 15 countries have downloaded student guides for a Lenten Bible study offered by the Baptist Center for Ethics free of charge. About 560 copies of the student guide of Eyeing Easter, Walking Through Lent: A Bible Study With Global Baptists had been downloaded through Tuesday, said Jan Turrentine, managing editor of […] Read More

Why does the Baptist Center for Ethics produce Sunday school curriculum? Because we believe ethics is at the heart of Christian faith, not a side product, not a secondary matter of concern, not an occasional emphasis, not an afterthought. Ethics is a full partner with theology. How we live the Bible is as central as […] Read More

No paper. No misplaced quarterly. No out-of-date leftovers. No recycling of printed curriculum. No expense for postage. No extra cost for printing and artwork. No added charge for promotional expenses incurred through direct mail pieces. Stated more positively, it is always available on one’s home desktop or work-notebook computer. It’s undated, providing a longer shelf-life. […] Read More

The Baptist Center for Ethics needs to step up its public witness and enter a larger national role. The Baptist Center for Ethics needs to step up its public witness and enter a larger national role. In shorthand, this means taking on the religious right more forcefully–critiquing its false religion and anointment of the GOP […] Read More is emerging as one of the premier Baptist Web sites. Launched two years ago this week, creates a synergy between the two primary wings of the Baptist Center for Ethics. One wing is news and information. The other is educational resources. Both wings together ensure that Baptists have cutting-edge material. BCE began 12 […] Read More

Acacia Resources will unveil another 13-week Sunday School curriculum in mid-May, Living Wisely, Living Well: Lessons from The Proverbs. While the 13-week time span coincides with the quarterly system used by many traditional publishers of dated curriculum, the Living Wisely, Living Well lessons are not tied to the calendar, meaning they can be used at […] Read More

When we were launching Real Baptists, best-selling author Stephen King was serializing The Plant online—and relying on the honor system. “The Baptist Center for Ethics?” the stranger invariably clarifies. “I didn’t know Baptists had any ethics.” Snicker snicker. Hee hee. We’ve heard that wisecrack more times than we can remember. Let’s skip the history that […] Read More

An online, adult Sunday School curriculum will be published this year, resulting from a creative partnership formed by the Baptist General Association of Virginia, Baptist Center for Ethics and Trinity Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas. Available for the April-June 2003 quarter, the first unit of curriculum material focuses on the theme of courageous churches. <?xml:namespace […] Read More

Baptist Press has attacked curriculum lesson writers apparently without reading the lessons themselves. Released August 30, a BP story criticized the Baptist Center for Ethics’ online curriculum related to the changes in the Baptist Faith and Message. BCE, a freestanding organization, produced an undated, 13-lesson curriculum series on the changes the Southern Baptist Convention made […] Read More