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Republicans, Protestants and adults 55 and older are the most likely groups to want stricter US abortion laws, a Gallup report found. Republicans had the greatest disparity: 42% want stricter laws and only 6% less strict. […] Read More

The US public’s views on abortion have remained largely stable over the years. Those who think it should be legal in all cases rose to 23%, while those who believe it should be illegal in all cases dropped to 15%. […] Read More

The noise of the religious and political fight on abortion stifles the stories of those who have experienced them. With its “pro-voice” stance, Exhale offers a safe and confidential space to all women who have experienced abortion. […] Read More

In our patriarchal society, men often try to commandeer the debate concerning abortion and women’s health. We men need to listen to women with open ears and open hearts. Here are 5 ways to do that. […] Read More

The church does not reign over the world anymore and cannot enforce its beliefs on others. That leaves the legal system of the United States as the only recourse for some, but that path carries a price. […] Read More

The two camps claiming the term “pro-life” are often in opposition to each other. If each can see where the other comes from, can they find common ground to preserve the dignity of human life across the board? […] Read More

News about Vice President Mike Pence’s address during the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting in Dallas last week has been widely publicized at this point. His campaign-style speech asked for the “strong support” of the SBC messengers in attendance and reiterated a pledge to “make America great again.” Criticism of the SBC’s decision to invite […] Read More

Half of U.S. adults say abortion should be legal only in certain circumstances, a Gallup survey found. Affirmation of this view was at 57 percent in 2009, before declining to 50 percent in 2012. It has remained stable since then. Other perspectives remained largely unchanged. Those saying abortion should be legal under any circumstances remained […] Read More

For two weeks in July, I traveled with a bunch of Baptists across South Africa for a mission experience followed up with a global gathering of Baptists – the 21st Baptist World Congress of the Baptist World Alliance. While in the country, I was reminded of the nickname given to South Africa by Archbishop Desmond […] Read More

Recent release of video footage showing Planned Parenthood official Deborah Nucatola describing collection and costs of fetal tissue has attracted attention and controversy. With this controversy playing out in background, the Wall Street Journal published a new report on the overuse of ultrasounds. The article argues that low-risk pregnancies do not need the average 5.2 […] Read More