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Women in Ministry

Molly T. Marshall has impacted students, congregations, pastors and church networks in various ways throughout her career. She has modeled the kind of grit and grace that no sane person would want to be called on to exhibit. […] Read More

A relationship that began in a Southern Seminary classroom in 1988 evolved from professor to “doktormutter” to colleague and friend. My hope as a teacher is to nurture in students the same passion for theology that Molly T. Marshall helped foster. […] Read More

A six-episode documentary podcast on the life and work of theologian Molly T. Marshall, titled ‘Brother Molly,’ will be released on May 12. It will be available for free at and popular podcasting platforms. […] Read More

I dreamed I was at a denominational meeting, where male colleagues silenced and shamed me. When dreams reveal our deepest hurts and our deepest joys, perhaps these dreams are not dreams at all but visions of the divine. […] Read More

Like many other women, I was called to ministry as a teen in a Southern Baptist church that did not affirm women serving in ministry. Logsdon Seminary was a place where women called to ministry could thrive. […] Read More

Goodwill Baptists value diversity, but many are still closing the doors of leadership on women and minorities. Even Baptist churches claiming openness to women in ministry are not necessarily including them in all leadership levels. […] Read More

I believe all humans are made equal. So reading in Genesis that Eve was Adam’s helper left me with growing unease. That’s because I assumed ‘helper’ meant someone who was subordinate. It’s another thing I got wrong about the Bible. […] Read More

Fundamentalists used the subordination of women as a litmus test for loyalty, using the same logic as their ancestors who used Scripture to justify slavery. However, you can champion gender equality and be faithful to Scripture. […] Read More

While some moderate Baptist churches will hire women to fill their pulpits from time to time, women are far from welcome as ministers in too many congregations – even so-called ‘moderate’ churches. […] Read More

Tonya Easterly Vickery, co-pastor of Cullowhee Baptist Church in Cullowhee, North Carolina, is the subject of the second short film in a series focusing on female Baptist pastors. It premieres online Nov. 9. […] Read More