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Criminal Justice

Some people can manipulate the minutiae of the law for their personal gain. That’s why the more specific the statute is, the less opportunity for abuse. In the end, however, it can take a while for the law to catch up with society. […] Read More

Justice isn’t blind. Rather, the justice system willingly turns a blind eye, like it did for more than two months after the killing of Ahmaud Arbery. Justice tried to feign deafness, but the public outrage was too great. […] Read More

Close your eyes and picture a young man on a neighborhood jog. He’s confronted by armed men in a pickup truck and killed. Now, imagine he is white. […] Read More

The U.S. criminal justice system is corrupted in more ways than we can count. Prisons and jails are unnecessarily populated. Prisoners held for longer than their sentences. And it all creates a breeding ground for COVID-19. […] Read More

The number of executions and new capital punishment sentences approached all-time lows in 2019, a report said. The 22 people executed in 2019 are 76 less than the all-time high of 98 in 1999. […] Read More

Rodney Reed was scheduled to be executed on Nov. 20, but protests from celebrities, civil rights activists, lawmakers and the public halted his execution. Churches, meanwhile, were mostly silent. What’s wrong with this picture? […] Read More

Reforming policing practices is essential to addressing mass incarceration in the US, a report says. The arrest rate has seen a staggering increase starting in the late ’90s, with one out of three adults arrested by age 23. […] Read More

Mississippi, which proclaims “In God We Trust” on its license plates, is the most religious state in the US. Such a state should have a prison system that serves as the model for the rest of the nation. Sadly, that’s far from true. […] Read More

The story of the Central Park 5, told on Netflix’s “When They See Us,” isn’t the first time young men were found guilty of a crime they didn’t commit; it won’t be the last. We must tell their stories, no matter how numerous. […] Read More

Even though Scripture tells us to remember the prisoners, the church has washed their hands of that command. How do we turn that around? Here are 7 ways you and your church can begin to remember those in prison. […] Read More