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Barry Howard

To bless your ministers and promote their health and well-being, you should encourage your pastor and ministerial staff to take at least one extra day off this week. In fact, insist on it. […] Read More

The grounds at Augusta National Golf Club, home to the Masters Tournament, are a rare combination of botanical gardens, nature preserve and golf course. Churches can learn valuable insights from this innovative organization. […] Read More

A new trend is emerging among churches seeking senior pastors. Pastor search committees are discovering that experienced associate pastors and ministry residents are prime candidates for their consideration. […] Read More

Once a powerful storm like Hurricane Michael passes, residents face a haunting reality that life will never be the same. Here are 7 truths for those who must rebuild after the storm. […] Read More

I had the privilege of serving in two distinguished military communities during my years as a pastor. And I continue to share life with those who currently serve or have valiantly served our country. In recent days, I have enjoyed conversations with multiple military chaplains, I have officiated a wedding for a naval aviator, I […] Read More

Christmas is always on Dec. 25. Why is Easter not on the same date every year? This year, for the first time since 1956, Easter comes on April 1, creating a curious juxtaposition of sorts. Next year, Easter will be celebrated on April 21, just as the redbuds, dogwoods and azaleas are beginning to bloom. […] Read More

Being a pastor is much more than being a preacher. In fact, many of the most influential pastors in my life have been average preachers, but extraordinary pastors. And many of the great conference speakers who have encouraged me with their insightful and entertaining perspectives wouldn’t last very long as pastor of a local church. […] Read More

People who attend church regularly often are bilingual, usually without realizing it. As a young child, I began noticing that folks who attend church regularly tend to use a “normal” vocabulary throughout the week. When they step foot on the church campus or attend a church function, they often resort to a specialized repertoire of […] Read More

There are some moments and memories that we never forget. One such memory is when I first met Bill Self in 1981 at a banquet on the campus of Samford University. I was energized by Bill’s after-dinner speech. He quickly became one of my favorite preachers, not just because he was a captivating and motivating […] Read More

The beginning of a new year is traditionally perceived as a season for clean slates and new beginnings. Depending on your perspective, you might consider the new year as a time to turn over a new leaf, to start that post-holiday diet, to begin that exercise regimen or to generally clean up your act and […] Read More