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Advent, Christmas Will Be Political – And That’s Good News

By Jim Hopkins | December 13, 2019

While the season of Advent and Christmas will be and has been political, it’s not partisan. Scripture unveils the political reality of the season, in which those consigned to the back row of society have been brought to the front.

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Featured Video Executive Director Mitch Randall offers Christmas and holiday greetings for 2019, sharing that EthicsDaily still believes that people of faith can make a difference for the common good.

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Balancing Idealism and Realism as We Seek Peace on Earth

By Richard Wilson | December 2, 2019
Edward Hicks’ painting The Peaceable Kingdom

As we strive to seek peace, the global strife around us can make us apprehensive that peace can ever be attained. How do we balance our idealism and our realism? This Advent, the life of Edward Hicks may give us some direction.

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When Our Republic Goes to School

By Colin Harris | December 2, 2019
U.S. Constitution

Setting aside the partisan divide over the impeachment inquiry, we must examine a larger question: How is our constitutional framework handling the stress? Is our governmental system breaking down or holding up? Here are 4 lessons.

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From the Pews | Will Advent Change Our Selfish Hearts?

By Merianna Harrelson | December 2, 2019
Blurred focus of shoppers in mall

As we enter into Advent season, US culture bombards us with consumerism. Our hearts are not with the suffering, the homeless and those in need. They’re aligned with spending more money on more stuff. Can this Advent change us?

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Danger to Faith and Democracy: The Divine Right of Politicians

By Mitch Randall | November 27, 2019
King on chessboard with opposing pieces toppled around it

The divine right of kings is being repackaged today by politicians attempting to advocate for God’s endorsement upon their policies and candidates. However, proclaiming such a right is dangerous for both our faith and democracy.

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Holidays Can Be Tough: My Father Died on Thanksgiving Day

By Laura Landgraf | November 27, 2019
Photo of Laura Landgraf as a child with her dad

My dad died Thanksgiving morning nearly a decade ago. Even after years of sexual and emotional abuse, finding an old family photo made me long for what that little girl had – if only for a moment. That’s the daddy I miss.

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