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A Holy Week Prelude: Searching for the Helpers

By Mitch Randall | April 2, 2020

As we find ourselves in perilous times, we also find ourselves seeking hope. As Holy Week quickly approaches, good faith people can connect with the Jesus story more this year than any before. Look for the helpers – then and now.

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Jeremy Everett, founder and executive director of the Texas Hunger Initiative, joins George Mason on the Good God podcast to explain why he was called to this work and what it really means to fix the systemic problems that lead to poverty.

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In Age of COVID-19, One of Two Futures for Your Church – Part 1

By Bill Wilson | March 24, 2020
Church members standing in pews and singing

With the COVID-19 virus spreading a global crisis, congregations face a future radically different from what they imagined at the dawn of 2020. This dual crisis of health and finances could hit churches hard where they are weakest.

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6 Lessons That Will Keep Your Church Moving Forward

By Keith Herron | March 24, 2020
Silhouetted church with lit cross against starry sky

As long as people gather and interact, emotional processes are at work. Some interactions can be inherently anxious, which will keep churches from moving forward and distract them from accomplishing their mission and purpose.

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Maybe Some Churches Need a Different Kind of Leader

By J. Patrick Vaughn | March 24, 2020
Minister holding Bible and seated in chair

Some folks believe the church needs to be run more like a business. It’s a comfortable and familiar role, but is it really what the church needs? Maybe churches don’t need a CEO; maybe they need a wise fool to lead them.

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In Global Crisis, Our Growth from ‘I’ Thinking to ‘We’ Thinking

By Colin Harris | March 23, 2020
Drawings of stick figures amid a drawing of coronavirus

In this Lenten season, as humanity faces a global pandemic, we are witnessing a timeless human paradigm of response to crisis, moving from self-centered ‘I’ thinking and believing to a more community-centered ‘we’ perspective.

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9 Steps You Can Take Now to Battle the ‘Silent Enemy’

By Ed Hogan | March 23, 2020
Man seated in floor hiding head in arms

COVID-19 has altered our routines and reduced our social contact. Add that together with the loss of corporate worship for people of faith, we have a situation that could lead to depression. Here are 9 steps you can take to beat it.

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