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Familiar Woes Echo from Santa Clarita Schoolyard Rampage

By Ken Sehested | November 15, 2019

Another shooting. This time in a Santa Clarita schoolyard. So the ritual begins. The press conference. The calls for prayer. ‘Never again’ echoed once again. Cable news pontifications. Promises from politicians. And nothing is done.

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Mitch Randall, executive director of, interviews Barrett Owen, pastor of First Baptist Church in Waynesboro, at the annual meeting of the Baptist General Association of Virginia on Nov. 12, 2019, in Roanoke.

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Gospel Without Borders: A Documentary about Faith and Immigration

Recent Articles

Look Back | The Messy, Difficult Wisdom of Roger Williams

By Doug Weaver | November 8, 2019
Sign with word ‘wisdom’ on a pole

Puritan theologian Roger Williams forcefully declared that Jesus should not be associated with our lust for forced conformity and reliance upon civil government. His writings may be messy and difficult, but they’re worth a read.

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Health Care: What’s a Christian to Do?

By Mitch Randall | November 7, 2019
Calculator with word ‘cost’ in hospital room, $500 bills

As Christians, rapidly escalating health care costs and the reality that our neighbors cannot afford health care should trouble our souls. The health of God’s creation is central to the good news. Here are 4 ways we can respond.

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Music Matters | Music’s Value Manifests in Forming Community

By Nathan Myrick | November 7, 2019
Church musicians leading worship singing

We often overstate the importance of theological content in the lyrics of musical worship. Whether at a concert or in a worship service, music provides a way for people to form communities. We find value in singing with others.

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Why the Sky Really Isn’t Falling on US Christianity – Part 1

By Philip Jenkins | November 7, 2019
Busted exit sign laying on the ground

If you heed the headlines, US Christianity is in free fall with Protestants and Catholics losing population. And while folks claiming no religion, called Nones, are growing, many of them do believe without belonging to a church.

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Profiles In Goodwill: Gary Burton

By Staff | November 6, 2019
Gary Burton

Gary Burton is senior pastor of Pintlala Baptist Church in Alabama. He is a former / Baptist Center for Ethics board member.

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