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Migration an Economic Necessity for Rural Mexican Families

By Sue Smith | March 18, 2019

While many people migrate to the U.S. to flee gang violence, many others from indigenous communities in Mexico are fleeing poverty, a crushing and systemic problem rooted in decades of injustice and exploitation.

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Erica Whitaker, senior pastor of Buechel Park Baptist Church in Louisville, explores the "underground railroad" underneath Plymouth Church in Brooklyn during Advocacy in Action 2019 in New York City. More at

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Gospel Without Borders: A Documentary about Faith and Immigration

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Sisterhood Rocks

By Laura Landgraf | March 8, 2019

One woman, Brandy, started me on my journey to safety and peace after years of sexual abuse. A small cadre of friends stood with me in the halls of justice bearing witness to me as a good woman. It’s the power of sisterhood.

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Examining Trends in Theological Education for Women – Part 2

By Eileen R. Campbell-Reed | March 8, 2019

The trends in theological education don’t paint an inspiring picture for women when you focus on the numbers alone, but they aren’t the full story. Here are 6 reasons we must keep educating women for ordained ministry.

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Look Back | Sexist Language Subtly Pervades Churches

By Naomi King Walker | March 8, 2019

White-biased imagery is common in our churches, but its inherent racism is much more subtle than the blatant sexist language and patriarchal imagery that is so dominant in our worship services and beyond.

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I Am a Feminist

By Mitch Randall | March 7, 2019

For Christians who read and take the Scriptures seriously, a feminist theology emerges out of God’s sincere desire for justice and reconciliation. Here are 5 guiding principles for churches.

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Examining Trends in Theological Education for Women – Part 1

By Eileen R. Campbell-Reed | March 7, 2019

Women’s leadership in the church has grown rapidly over the last few decades. However, for women, the pace of growth in theological education has slowed significantly. Check out these 8 trends.

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