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Unsure About Accepting LGBTQ Folks? God Gave You the Keys

By Jim Dant | May 21, 2019

Many churches are still hesitant to become inclusive communities with regard to LGBTQ persons. Repeatedly in Scripture, God’s people changed the rules in favor of love. If your church needs permission, Jesus has given you the keys.

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Mitch Randall, executive director of, announces a special pledge -- as part of's spring fundraiser -- related to Metro Baptist Church in New York City led by Pastor Scott Stearman.

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Standing at the Crossroads: A Study of Christian Moral Decision-Making

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Using Your Privilege to Aid Those Hurt by the Privileged

By Jim Kelsey | May 13, 2019
Human hand reaching out of the sea

White supremacy, nationalism and racism threaten many people of faith. Those of us undeniably privileged by our culture at birth must use that privilege to benefit those who do not move through the world as easily as we do.

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3 Recommendations to Maintain Healthy News Consumption

By Michael Helms | May 13, 2019
Laptop displaying news website

Much of our news is presented with some bias. Often, people cease listening to news networks to be informed, but to have their viewpoints validated. These recommendations will help you maintain healthy news-watching habits.

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Prayer Less Common in Wealthier Nations, Save for the U.S.

By Staff | May 13, 2019
Woman praying in church pew

As a nation’s wealth increased, the percentage of adult citizens who pray daily decreased, a Pew analysis found. The U.S. was an exception, with one of the highest grossing GDPs and an above average level of prayer.

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A Toast to Those of Us Who Had Lousy Mothers

By Laura Landgraf | May 10, 2019
Champagne bottle on table next to two glasses

Here’s to us. Those of us with less than adequate mothers. Who felt the pain of betrayal and loss. You chose to survive, to thrive and to love well. Congratulations on transcending your family trauma. Cheers!

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Whom Do U.S. Christian Teens Seek for Encouragement, Advice?

By Staff | May 10, 2019
Mom hugging daughter outside in autumn

When Christian teens in the U.S. need guidance, advice or spiritual conversation, they seek out one person more than all others, a study found. Their moms.

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