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America at a Critical Crossroads

By Mitch Randall | June 2, 2020

People of good faith need to stand boldly for racial justice and denounce the evils of racism and white supremacy.

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Yvette Carnell, writer and founder of Breaking Brown, talks about what ethical behavior looks like in terms of race relations in the United States.

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Original Christmas Music

By Barry Howard | December 18, 2001

In Luke 1:46-56 we find a story culminating in Mary’s song, the first Christmas music on record, so to speak. The angel Gabriel had just delivered to Mary the startling news of maternal expectation and paternal mystery. This angel had informed Mary that she would bear a child that would be the Son of God. […]

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What is Kwanzaa?

By Pam Durso | December 18, 2001

Seven-year olds now come home from school talking about Kwanzaa. Stores offer Kwanzaa greeting cards. Libraries display children’s books on Kwanzaa. But many Americans have no clue what Kwanzaa is or why it is celebrated. In the 1960s, Dr. Maulana Karenga, who is now chair and professor of Black Studies at California State University at […]

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What’s Become of Press Coverage of Religion?

By Dwight Moody | December 13, 2001

Just when we need it, it’s not there. I refer to the need of the American public for thoughtful analysis of religious issues. Religion played a significant role in the World Trade Center attack, and religion has been at the heart of our response. The prayer services came first; then the purchase of books on […]

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Kentucky Creationist Proclaims War on Evolutionism

By Alex Smirnov | December 13, 2001

“This is a cultural war,” said Ken Ham told the Los Angeles Times. Ham is director of the global ministry Answers in Genesis and creator of a museum he said will take the “offensive against the scientific establishment.” Ham is building a $14-million museum to confront the theory of evolution in northern Kentucky, across the […]

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Children Misrepresented in Local Newscasts

By Jodi Mathews | December 13, 2001

A recent study by Children NOW found that local television news broadcasts “under-represent the presence of children in society, distort the level of crime committed by and against children and rarely focus on public policy issues that affect American families.” The results of the study, released Oct. 23, revealed that although children account for over […]

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