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Advent, Christmas Will Be Political – And That’s Good News

By Jim Hopkins | December 13, 2019

While the season of Advent and Christmas will be and has been political, it’s not partisan. Scripture unveils the political reality of the season, in which those consigned to the back row of society have been brought to the front.

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Featured Video Executive Director Mitch Randall offers Christmas and holiday greetings for 2019, sharing that EthicsDaily still believes that people of faith can make a difference for the common good.

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Watch Out for the ‘If…Then’ Statements of Moral Conviction

By Robert Parham | October 11, 2000

Many Baptists are afflicted with an “if…then” approach to expressing their moral convictions. For two decades, thoughtful and decent Baptists have made “if…then” statements about the SBC conflict. These blustery statements sound morally decisive. They provide the idea that tolerant people will become tough people when a certain line is crossed.  A few years ago, […]

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Urban Legend Turned E-Mail Hoax: The FCC and Religious Broadcasting

By Sarah Griffith | October 11, 2000

An old urban legend turned recent e-mail hoax regarding the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and religious broadcasting is decades old and untrue, according to FCC officials. “CBS will be forced to discontinue ‘Touched By an Angel’ for using the word GOD in every program,” reads the e-mail hoax. “[The] petition, number 2493, would ultimately pave […]

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A Brief History of Halloween

By Cliff Vaughn | October 10, 2000

Where does Halloween come from? The holiday isn’t mentioned in the Bible. Nor is it an official holiday in the United States. Yet it continues to be distinctively celebrated in some communities, conspicuously absent in others. Engaged citizens have hotly debated Halloween in recent years. Both Christians and non-Christians have offered perspectives on the holiday […]

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A Brief Response to Halloween

By Cliff Vaughn | October 10, 2000

How might Christians respond to Halloween? Folklore professor Jack Santino has characterized the holiday as “an amalgam of Celtic druidical ritual, Christian theology, and northern European folk belief.” And Santino himself, in All Around the Year, theorized as to why parts of the Christian community reject Halloween celebrations. “Other holidays, such as Easter, combine pre-Christian […]

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Judgment and Hell Houses

By Sarah Griffith | October 10, 2000

Judgment Houses and Hell Houses are considered by some churches to be “evangelistic tools” combating traditional Halloween haunted houses. “[Hell] is the ultimate haunted house, which is where [visitors] will spend eternity if they do not accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior,” read the Calvary Baptist Church Web site in Clearwater, Fla. “Judgement House […]

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