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Familiar Woes Echo from Santa Clarita Schoolyard Rampage

By Ken Sehested | November 15, 2019

Another shooting. This time in a Santa Clarita schoolyard. So the ritual begins. The press conference. The calls for prayer. ‘Never again’ echoed once again. Cable news pontifications. Promises from politicians. And nothing is done.

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Mitch Randall, executive director of, interviews Barrett Owen, pastor of First Baptist Church in Waynesboro, at the annual meeting of the Baptist General Association of Virginia on Nov. 12, 2019, in Roanoke.

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Gospel Without Borders: A Documentary about Faith and Immigration

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Fewer Americans Support Environmental Protection, Study Shows

By Staff | April 17, 2001

As the Earth Day celebration nears its 31st anniversary on April 22, environmental activists will have a difficult time urging Americans to immobilize their vehicles during the “car-free day” on April 19. Only 27 percent of the U.S. population is strongly concerned about the current state of the environment, according to an update of a […]

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Dying Live: An Experiment

By Cliff Vaughn | April 10, 2001

“See a Person Dying Live On Your Computer,” the Web promotion read. An estimated 20,000 people logged onto the Web site to see a man dying–live, as advertised–on March 27. What viewers saw was an image of magician Jim Callahan simply sitting there. From time to time, he would display a sign reading, “Follow the […]

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Mississippi Baptist Convention Avoids Statement as Flag Referendum Nears

By Alex Smirnov | April 10, 2001

While opposing political camps are making last-minute plans to influence the outcome of the Mississippi state flag referendum on April 17, the Mississippi Baptist Convention has decided not to take a formal stand in the ongoing debate. Voters will choose between the current standard, which features the controversial Confederate emblem in the upper-left corner, and […]

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Religious Progressives Form National Coalition

By Staff | April 10, 2001

Facing the religious right’s unprecedented political power, religious progressives formed a new organization last week called the Progressive Religious Partnership (PRP). The coalition’s goal is to amplify the religious left’s voice in the national discourse about morality and politics. America “has been experiencing a devastating famine for the past three decades: we have experienced a […]

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Religious Index Stable, Much Lower Than 50 Years Ago

By Alex Smirnov | April 10, 2001

The majority of Americans still believes in God or a “universal spirit,” reflecting consistency in the country’s religious beliefs, according to the latest Gallup Index of Leading Religious Indicators. With a combination of eight key religious beliefs and practices, the index accurately monitors the strength of organized religion in America, but weakly assesses the depth […]

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