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By Staff | September 17, 2019

The life and work of Molly T. Marshall, an influential Christian leader who will retire as president of Central Seminary in 2020, will be the subject of a multi-episode documentary podcast produced by

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George Mason, senior pastor of Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, looks back over his 30 years as pastor there.

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Baptist Faith and Message Becomes Litmus Test for Leadership and Employment in Southern Baptist Life

By Robert Parham | October 2, 2000

The new Baptist Faith and Message statement is fast becoming a litmus test for leadership and employment in Southern Baptist life. John Sullivan, executive director-treasurer of the Florida Baptist Convention, said, “If you’re going to participate in the trustee life of the Florida Baptist Convention, it [the BF&M] is the framework of 2000,” according to […]

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Lieberman Gives 3 Percent to Charity; Other Candidates Give Less

By Robert Parham | September 27, 2000

Democratic vice-presidential nominee Joseph Lieberman donated 3 percent of his income to charity on average over a ten-year period, according to articles in the Washington Post and New York Times. In 1990, the senator and his wife, Hadassah, reported an income of $103,492 and gave $2,932 (less than 3 percent) to charity.  In 1999, they […]

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Chicago Tribune Looks at Modern-day Submissive Wives

By Staff | September 27, 2000

A feature story in today’s Chicago Tribune explored Christian wifely submissiveness, interviewing a number of women in the Chicago area about their marital relationships. Kathy Morning, one interviewee, said submissiveness means, “my husband has the final say.” “It’s not that one is lesser than the other, but that someone has to be in charge,” said […]

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‘Virtual’ Hate Groups

By Sarah Griffith | September 27, 2000

Hate groups have “rekindled [their] zeal and magnified [their] power” using the technology of Internet communication, according to a recent article. “With the help of Internet technology and cyberspace marketing, once-decrepit organizations like the Ku Klux Klan are regaining their youthful energy and competing for the attention of increasingly educated audiences,” wrote Stacia Brown, in […]

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Loss of Language

By Cliff Vaughn | September 26, 2000

Language is losing its effectiveness, according to a recent article. “In the past 50 years, by one reckoning, the working vocabulary of the average 14-year-old has declined from 25,000 words to 10,000,” wrote David Orr in the July-August issue of Utne Reader. “This is a decline not merely in words, but also in the capacity […]

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