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4 Ways Mister Rogers Still Positively Impacts Kids, Adults

By Zach Dawes | December 10, 2019

With Fred Rogers’ life and work receiving renewed attention with the release of a documentary in 2018 and a major film this year, his understated approach reveals ways his message is still relevant today to both kids and adults.

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Glen Stassen (1936-2014), then professor of Christian ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary in California, talks about Baptists and the struggle for human rights.

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Kentucky Creationist Proclaims War on Evolutionism

By Alex Smirnov | December 13, 2001

“This is a cultural war,” said Ken Ham told the Los Angeles Times. Ham is director of the global ministry Answers in Genesis and creator of a museum he said will take the “offensive against the scientific establishment.” Ham is building a $14-million museum to confront the theory of evolution in northern Kentucky, across the […]

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Children Misrepresented in Local Newscasts

By Jodi Mathews | December 13, 2001

A recent study by Children NOW found that local television news broadcasts “under-represent the presence of children in society, distort the level of crime committed by and against children and rarely focus on public policy issues that affect American families.” The results of the study, released Oct. 23, revealed that although children account for over […]

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“Worldview” is Culture Conflict’s Battle Cry, Book of Genesis Cited as Foundational

By Robert Parham | December 11, 2001

The word “worldview” has emerged as a leading rally cry in America’s religious conflict, competing with the word “inerrancy.” Fundamentalists are sponsoring a series of “worldview weekends” across the nation. A columnist told journalism students they needed to bring the Christian worldview to the media. A seminary professor wrote a book titled, Worldviews at War! […]

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Historical Review: Baptists and Genesis

By John M. Finley | December 11, 2001

Nineteenth century Southern Baptists debated many issues–missions, the church, slavery, even Baptist history–yet simple biblical faith helped them avoid heated confrontations over the Bible which would come in the 20th century. When the agenda changed, however, the Book of Genesis was often at the center of the controversy. Charles Darwin’s theories on natural selection alongside […]

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Firefighters Rank No. 1 When It Comes Honesty and Ethics

By Staff | December 11, 2001

Not surprisingly since the Sept. 11 attacks, firefighters, nurses and the military ranked among the top three professions reflecting the highest marks for honesty and ethics. The annual CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll, conducted Nov. 26-27, revealed that 90 percent of Americans rated firefighters “first among people of different professions for their honesty and integrity.” More than […]

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