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EthicsDaily 2019: Overflowing with Moments to Cherish

By Mitch Randall | December 12, 2019

It’s been a busy and productive year at EthicsDaily. When good people engage in good work, we can change the world for the common good. As we review some of the highlights, we ask you to consider an end-of-year contribution.

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Pastor Gary Simpson of Concord Baptist Church of Christ in Brooklyn, New York, joins George Mason on the Good God podcast to talk about their shared experiences of long-term pastoral ministry, and what makes their churches so wonderful.

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Social Justice: A Baptist View

By Ben Leslie | January 15, 2002

Social justice is not the first thing most Americans associate with Baptist churches. Even among Baptists the connection is not a strong one. Yet, Baptists have consistently struggled for a more just society. Baptist progenitor Roger Williams advocated for Native Americans. Baptist theologian Walter Rauschenbusch struggled for the “social gospel.” Martin Luther King Jr. and […]

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Songwriting as Storytelling: An Interview with Kate Campbell

By Jodi Mathews | January 15, 2002

“Write what you know.” This bit of knowledge came to Kate Campbell early in her music career, and it is something she said has become a rule for her songwriting. This bit of knowledge came to Kate Campbell early in her music career, and it is something she said has become a rule for her […]

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Criswell Supported Peace Conference, Played Pivotal Role in Baptist Peacemaking

By Robert Parham | January 15, 2002

W.A. Criswell wanted Southern Baptists to take the biblical call to peacemaking more seriously and prayed for a solution to the waste spent on armaments. At dusk on Jan. 2, 1979, I met with Dr. Criswell in his private study at the First Baptist Church of Dallas. His disarming warmth and total concentration on his […]

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Fred Shuttlesworth and Racial Justice: An Old Perspective for a New Millennium

By Andrew M. Manis | January 14, 2002

The Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday affords Americans a built-in opportunity to revisit the issue of racial justice. It is also a window through which we may re-view the lives of others who, like King, pushed America toward becoming a “beloved community” of racial justice. If our other patriotic holidays memorialize those who have fought […]

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A Faithful Remnant: Southern White Supporters of the Civil Rights Movement

By Mel Hawkins | January 14, 2002

To tell the story of the American Civil Rights Movement is to tell, largely, an African-American story. The movement originated in the African-American community, the leadership of the movement was overwhelmingly African-American and most of the foot-soldiers were African-American. When you look at the South, the African-American presence—and the white absence—is even more striking. Very […]

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