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Debunking the Ideologies of Violent Religious Extremists

By Martin Accad | June 24, 2019

While people of faith, for the most part, should not be held responsible for the violence of some who claim to belong to their group, they do bear responsibility to fight and debunk these ideologies.

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Baptist Women: Present Roles

By Carol Ann Vaughn | September 20, 2000

The issue of women’s roles, now a non-issue for American Baptists, remained a hot topic among Southern Baptists, Independent Baptists and National Baptists in the 1990s. Out of the SBC controversies of the 1980s, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship formed in 1990-91, deliberately affirming women in all aspects of Gospel ministry, including proclamation. By 1993 over […]

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Buchanan Calls for Gideon’s Army to Do Battle for the Lord

By Staff | September 20, 2000

Reform Party presidential candidate Pat Buchanan called on students, faculty and supporters at Bob Jones University to join his campaign, dubbed “Gideon’s army,” to take America back from moral decadence. In his first campaign speech since surgery in mid-August, Buchanan said, “I believe, and I hope, that one day we can take America back. That […]

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Hurting Parents Can Find Grace in Church

By Karen and Jeffry Zurheide | September 12, 2000

Contrary to glowing reports in family Christmas letters, many parents are struggling over their children. Why? Parents naturally have high hopes and expectations for their offspring. Often, however, these hopes go unmet. There are numerous causes of parental disappointment, among them health problems, educational failure, divorce, substance abuse. Whatever its source, when real life shatters […]

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Baptist Women: Ordination Within the Historical SBC

By Carol Ann Vaughn | September 12, 2000

One year after the SBC revised its “Baptist Faith and Message” in 1963, Addie Davis became the first Southern Baptist woman to be ordained to the ministry. Seven years passed before another SBC church ordained a woman minister, Shirley Carter. Numerous SBC men affirmed the ordination of women, but bitter opposition remained among some SBC […]

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Baptist Women: Leadership Roles

By Carol Ann Vaughn | September 5, 2000

Increasing numbers of independent and Southern Baptists were highly suspicious of Baptist women’s involvement in the broader women’s movement in America and Europe. Nevertheless, enough SBC men voted to accept women messengers with voting privileges in 1918, two years before passage of the 19th Amendment that enfranchised American women. Baptists in California hired Amy Lee […]

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