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Reducing Mental Health Stigma in Your Church Workplace

By Rebekah Gordon | January 22, 2020

Opening up about mental health issues at work, including churches, is often difficult to do. It requires disclosure and vulnerability. Achieving an open environment in your church workspace may be possible, but it might take time.

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Whose Religion is Peaceful?

By Dana Neff | March 15, 2002

The religious motives of Osama bin Laden and the Sept. 11 terrorists have created a popular image of Islam as a religion that condones violence against innocent people. A recent expression of this view came from evangelist Pat Robertson, who said Islam is “not a peaceful religion” and bin Laden is “probably truer to Muhammad” […]

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Number of Unchurched Americans Growing

By Jodi Mathews | March 14, 2002

Nearly 30 million Americans said they had no religion, according to a recent survey. The American Religious Identification Survey 2001, conducted by the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, indicated that 14 percent of the nation’s citizens had no religion. That is up from 8 percent in 1990 when the group first […]

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Oscars Overlook Some Star Performers

By Mike Parnell | March 14, 2002

On Feb. 12, many in the movie community awoke with stars in their eyes. Others awoke with stunned looks on their faces. The Oscar race had begun. Some were glad, some sad, others had to be downright mad. You know who made the list. Now let’s see who didn’t but perhaps should have. The first […]

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The Unexpected Teachings of Jesus: Encountering the Gospels All Over Again

By Jim Royston | March 14, 2002

John Coleman has written a delightful and inspirational book in The Unexpected Teachings of Jesus: Encountering the Gospels All Over Again. Coleman’s treatment of the teachings of Christ brings fresh and practical insights to familiar Gospel stories. This book can be used to prepare devotionals, or as a daily study for small groups. It contains […]

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Thinker With a Vast Impact: Conference Assesses the Theology of John Howard Yoder

By Robert Rhodes | March 14, 2002

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – Mennonites today are viewed as more than an antiquated sect, and the Anabaptist peace witness is seen by a global audience, due in part to the influence of John Howard Yoder. So believes a group of Yoder’s students, friends and colleagues, who gathered for a conference on the late theologian’s legacy […]

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