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Reducing the Gospel to Magic Formula, Instead of Calling

By John D. Pierce | August 23, 2019

Following Jesus has gone from being a sacrificial, ongoing calling to a sure-step, definable formula, in which one is free to ignore all kinds of things Jesus said and did – and still claim to be Christian.

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Meredith Stone, associate dean at Logsdon Seminary, is interviewed by executive director Mitch Randall about interpreting scriptures.

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Romancing the Sown: Romance Reaps Christian Readers

By Cliff Vaughn | August 21, 2001

Christian music, movies, apparel, Web sites. And Christian romance. It’s quite possibly the “next big thing” in the Christian subculture. Christian romance novels are hardly, well, novel. Grace Livingston Hill remains a popular author in the “inspirational” romance genre, and she began publishing early in the 20th century. She died in 1947 having authored over […]

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List of Christian Products Grows and So Do Profits

By Jodi Mathews | August 21, 2001

Gospel Shoes, Scripture Candy and Christian fiction are just a few ways Christians are spreading their faith and making a profit at the same time. Christian retail is a $4 billion industry, and it’s not just books and music. That figure is up about a half-billion dollars from the previous year, according to the Associated […]

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Wrastlin’ Witness

By Jodi Mathews | August 21, 2001

Ever thought of typing into your Web browser? If you had, you would have found yourself at the Christian Wrestling Federation’s Web site. In the frenzy to offer “all things Christian” to believers, entertainers and retailers have birthed some unsuspecting vehicles for spreading the Gospel. One such surprise comes in the form of a […]

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Churches, Social Groups Call on Americans to Use Tax Rebate to Spread Relief

By Jodi Mathews | August 7, 2001

Church leaders, political activists and social reformers are calling on Americans to “give back” when the awaited tax rebate check lands in mailboxes across the United States. What would you do with an extra $300 to $600? This is the question many Americans are asking themselves. With his oldest daughter starting college in the fall, […]

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Responsible Investing Yields Spiritual, Financial Returns

By Alex Smirnov | August 7, 2001

More Americans are turning to socially responsible investing in the stock market, a concept that has been around for decades, according to recent studies. Between 1997 and 1999, portfolios screened for social responsibility grew from $1.2 trillion to $2.16 trillion, primarily in private stock accounts, according to the Social Investment Forum. “The previous doubt was […]

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