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God’s Eternal Breath Gives Life, Calls Us to Help the Breathless

By Barrett Owen | May 29, 2020

With Pentecost celebrated this Sunday, may we remember God gave us breath to live, move and have our being in the world and gave us breath to cry out against injustices afflicted on our sisters and brothers of color.

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Baptist Fingerprints All Over ‘Monkey Trial’

By Wm. Loyd Allen | July 10, 2002

In March 1925, Tennessee outlawed the theory of evolution in its public schools. Officials in tiny Dayton tested the new law by arresting, with his consent, biology teacher John T. Scopes. Former Democratic presidential candidate and secretary of state William Jennings Bryan headed south to prosecute Scopes. Attracted by Bryan’s notoriety, Chicago’s famed trial lawyer […]

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Plagiarism Hurts Cause of CBF, Women Ministers

By Marv Knox | July 10, 2002

A Cooperative Baptist Fellowship leader’s pulpit plagiarism packed a powerful punch, delivering black eyes to her organization and to the cause of women ministers. Reba Cobb, the CBF’s resources coordinator, preached a sermon titled “The Bent-Over Woman,” based on Luke 13:10-17, at the Baptist Women in Ministry annual meeting, just prior to the CBF general […]

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Speak for Yourself, Preacher

By Mike Clingenpeel | July 10, 2002

“If you wish a thing to be done well, you must do it yourself.” Miles Standish, a middle-age widower in Henry Wordsworth Longfellow’s poem “The Courtship of Miles Standish,” uttered this epigram to his young friend, John Alden. Too bad Standish didn’t heed his own advice. Standish, familiar with the ways of war but not […]

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‘The Goodness of People’: An Interview with Nicholas Sparks

By Cliff Vaughn | July 9, 2002

That realization hit Nicholas Sparks at the age of 19, and his readers are forever grateful. Now 36 years old, Sparks is the best-selling author of Message in a Bottle, A Walk to Remember and several other domestic and international best-sellers. Both Message and Walk have been adapted into movies, with the latter being released […]

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Several Factors Prompt Leaving a Faith

By Gary Leazer | July 9, 2002

A 1955 Gallup poll found that only 4 percent of American adults had changed faiths from their parents’ faith. By 1985, that figure had risen to 33 percent. Fully 40 percent of Protestants have changed church affiliations. Denominational labels are becoming less important among Protestants, and switching denominations has become quite common. Much of this […]

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