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Your Pastor Isn’t Immune from Mental Health Issues

By Dennis Bickers | September 13, 2019

The ministry can be lonely. It can become even lonelier when ministers battle emotional and mental illnesses, such as depression. During those times, ministers cannot afford to cut themselves off from those who can help them.

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Paul Msiza, president of the Baptist World Alliance for 2015-2020, is interviewed by executive director Mitch Randall about the last four years of his presidency.

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Falwell Seeks Prayer Warriors, Claims Prayer is “Omnipotent”

By Robert Parham | October 25, 2001

Seeking to rally support for America’s war effort, Jerry Falwell has launched a prayer campaign that verges on superstition. “God has burdened my heart to gather and galvanize 1 million prayer warriors to pray for America at this critical time,” he said. “America can unite in one accord in beseeching God’s hand of protection over […]

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What Motivates Osama bin Laden?

By Gary Leazer | October 25, 2001

Osama bin Laden has made no secret of his goals. They are clear and simple, but involve several desired outcomes. Bin Laden wants the United States to withdraw military forces from Saudi Arabia. “Now infidels walk everywhere on the land where Muhammad was born and where the Qur’an was revealed to him,” bin Laden told […]

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UK Citizens List

By Cliff Vaughn | October 23, 2001

“Jedi Knight” may be a new, though unofficial, religion in the United Kingdom given the number of entries it received on the UK’s 2001 census form, according to news reports. The UK Office of National Statistics (ONS) gave “Jedi Knight” its own code after “a large group of people” entered it as their religion in […]

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Who Would Ban the Koran?

By Dwight Moody | October 23, 2001

On the bottom shelf in my home library sits a small, little-used paperback edition of the Koran. For years it has been nestled between “History of the Christian Church” and the “Book of Mormon,” far from the books I use regularly. But since Sept. 11 it has been on my bedside table. As I scan […]

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But Who Do You Say that I Am?

By Staff | October 23, 2001

In an effort to combat false images of Jesus as a white man, the Mennonite Central Committee has designed a new poster inviting “people of color to examine their ideas about Jesus’ identity.” The poster, which depicts Christ’s skin color in varying shades from olive to dark brown, asks the question: “Who do you say […]

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