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Profiles in Goodwill: Erica Whitaker

By Staff | July 17, 2019

Erica Whitaker is senior pastor of Buechel Park Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Starlette Thomas, interim pastor of Village Baptist Church in Bowie, Maryland, and minister to empower congregations at the D.C. Baptist Convention, is interviewed by executive director Mitch Randall about what it really means to be "woke."

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Fundamental vs. Fundamentalist

By Jess Smith | March 27, 2001

In this new century, we must distinguish between being fundamental and fundamentalist. “I am fundamental but I am not a fundamentalist,” said James P. Boyce, the first president and founder of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky. To be fundamental is to believe in and declare the fundamentals of the faith as stated […]

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The Flicker of the Screen of Popularity

By Rini Cobbey | March 27, 2001

If we seek to present an effective Christian worldview, survival demands honesty about the source of our moral and truth claims. It demands diligence in testing their relevance beyond the flicker of the screen of popularity. Tonight I struck a match to light a candle. The first match went out before I could ignite the […]

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Connecting With Roberta Gilbert: Part 2

By Bill Wilson | March 20, 2001

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S NOTE: Roberta Gilbert, M.D., is a psychiatrist in private practice and author of Connecting with Our Children: Guiding Principles for Parents in a Troubled World (New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1999. 231 pages). >>WILSON: How does “systems thinking” impact the leadership of a local congregation? GILBERT: The church leaders I have worked […]

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Mississippi Flag Debate Involves State Officials, Religious Leaders

By Alex Smirnov | March 20, 2001

Mississippi legislators set April 17 as the date for a referendum to choose between the 1894 state flag and a new design. If the new design is adopted, the Confederate emblem currently occupying one third of the flag will be replaced by a circular shape of 20 stars, and the 1894 flag will become a […]

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The Crisis of Craft in “Christian Cinema”

By Cliff Vaughn | March 20, 2001

World Wide Pictures, the film division of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, is exploring a new approach to “Christian cinema.” Its latest film, “Road to Redemption,” tries to infuse its characters with a sense of a spiritual journey, said Barry Werner, the film’s director of operations, in a Religion News Service article. “If we can […]

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