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Christians’ Healing Response Can Help Close Middle East Wounds

By Martin Accad | January 23, 2020

In an area of the world in deep need of healing, the assassination of Qasem Soleimani reopened the festering wounds of victimhood. Christians must embrace Christ as wounded healer to find a source of healing for societies around us.

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Simpsons Display Sincere Religious Beliefs: An Interview with Mark Pinsky

By Jodi Mathews | March 21, 2002

Not until his children took an interest in “The Simpsons” did Mark Pinsky begin to give this dysfunctional cartoon family a closer look. He was surprised at what he found. He was surprised at what he found. “All I knew about the series was that it was well-written, but smart-alecky,” Pinsky, religion writer for the […]

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From Selma to Montgomery

By Cliff Vaughn | March 21, 2002

One car carried Viola Liuzzo and Leroy Moton. The other carried four Klansmen. The latter pulled alongside the former on a lonely stretch of U.S. Highway 80 between Selma and Montgomery. The Klansmen fired into Liuzzo’s car, killing her instantly. Moton survived by playing dead when the Klansmen returned to see what they’d done. The […]

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“Ice Age”

By Mike Parnell | March 21, 2002

Animation has become a huge part of the movie industry. Years ago, animated pictures were “event” pictures because they were released infrequently. But Disney revived animation with “The Little Mermaid,” and now most major studios are producing animated features. Animation has become a huge part of the movie industry. Years ago, animated pictures were “event” […]

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Iraq on Collision Course with US

By John Rempel | March 21, 2002

For a time last year it seemed that Iraq was an isolated iceberg on the agenda of the United States and United Nations, frozen into a northern corner of diplomatic waters. Now it has been dynamited out of its corner and is rushing on a collision course with passing ships. During the past year the […]

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Activists Give Movies with Smoking ‘R’ Rating

By Melissa Giorgi | March 20, 2002

If anti-smoking activists have their way, just one actor lighting a cigarette in a movie would merit an “R” rating. Citing a new study linking Hollywood to cigarette sales, advocates wish to use tobacco as a factor in determining movie ratings, along with violence, sex and language. The study, published March 12 in the health […]

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