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How COVID-19 Pandemic Affects Daily Life in Northern Ghana

By Isaac Wuni | May 26, 2020

The West African nation of Ghana has been on partial lockdown since late March. Schools are closed. Many are unable to work. Food costs have increased. As the lockdown continues, the need to help deprived and needy families will grow.

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‘Aisle’ Be Watching You: Movie Matrimony

By Cliff Vaughn | August 1, 2002

Christian ministers focus on marriage as a union. Movies, on the other hand, focus more on the obstacles that may prevent that union. Movies need conflict, and attempts to unite two people—and their families—usually provide it. For example, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” (PG), now in theaters, shows what happens when a daughter in a […]

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Nine Words of a Christian Marriage

By Dwight Moody | August 1, 2002

Words have power: power to create and power to destroy; power to build up and power to tear down; power to bless and power to curse. Paul the Apostle had it right when he wrote: “Let no word come out of your mouth but what is able to build up other people according to their […]

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Asking the Hard Questions of Your Church

By Eddie Hammett | August 1, 2002

For many church leaders, summer is the time of preparing for the new church year—leadership retreats, planning and evaluation. Let me raise some hard questions for assessing your church’s faithfulness in fulfilling the biblical mandate for the body of Christ. Measuring what matters is essential if we are to stay in line with the Great […]

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Baptist Pension Funds Built to Withstand Bear Markets

By Ray Furr | July 31, 2002

While headlines of people losing their retirement savings shock the world, pension board executives say diversity and long-term investments help Baptist retirement plan funds weather bear markets. People who lose their life’s savings usually have all their money in a few companies, but Baptist retirement plan investments are made in hundreds of different companies to […]

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

By Pam Durso | July 31, 2002

Every December I find my Mormon Tabernacle Choir tape and listen to the beautiful sounds made by that well-trained and dedicated group. Whenever I see television commercials produced by the Mormons, I am inspired and touched. And when two young, attractive and friendly Mormon missionaries came by my house last fall, I was impressed by […]

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