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Pandemic Grief | Keeping It Together When the World is Crumbling

By Mary Elizabeth Hanchey | May 27, 2020

Like overgrown backyards, most churches have tangles because of all that COVID-19 has halted. We must be self-aware about the impact of our efforts and failings to keep it together amid grief and uncertainty.

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Has Pleasure Become an American Idol?

By Michael Helms | August 7, 2002

One of the oldest searches known to humanity is the search for happiness. Perhaps the widest path cut in this search is the path of pleasure. One of those who espoused this path was Epicurus, a Greek who lived more than 2,300 years ago. Epicurus believed the purpose of life was the pursuit of personal […]

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Three Cheers for the Blue-Collar Crowd

By Dwight Moody | August 7, 2002

Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Wednesday evening: nine miners trapped. Sunday morning: nine miners saved. “Praise the Lord,” the governor said; throughout America, all the people said, “Amen.” It was a marvel, we all agree, if not an outright miracle; it fed the soul of a nation in desperate need of good news. On Monday, the stock market […]

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The Enduring Legacy of Sept. 11

By James L. Evans | August 6, 2002

In the days and weeks immediately following September 11, we had a chance to witness a sense of national unity, and even national community, not evident in this country in a long time. In the face of terrible pain and unbelievable loss, there was a flicker of hope. In our experience of oneness as a […]

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Wages of Ministry Documented in New Study

By Mark Wingfield | August 6, 2002

New data collected by the Baptist General Convention of Texas as part of a nationwide survey paints a detailed picture of how churches are paying their ministers and church staff. For the first time in many years, the BGCT has collected ministerial compensation data from a representative random sample of churches. The Texas data is […]

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Decreased Charitable Giving Taxes Non-profits

By Staff | August 6, 2002

Non-profit groups are feeling pinched as charitable giving lags in 2002, according to several recent articles. A downturned market has individuals and companies minimizing, delaying or even canceling donations altogether, forcing many non-profits to reassess and regroup financially. “Just as the market reshaped philanthropy on the way up by pumping new billions into non-profit organizations, […]

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