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Forest Fires and New Life

By Mitch Randall | August 22, 2019

A forest fire seems to be a picture of destruction, but unseen seeds are being planted for new life to spring up. So too must the church allow the divine fires to consume our old ways in order for God’s new seeds to be planted.

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Diana Butler Bass joins George Mason on the Good God podcast to discuss her book, "Grateful: The Transformative Power of Giving Thanks," which focuses on the spiritual practice of gratefulness and her own journey of discovering gratitude.

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The Disturbances: A Documentary about Missionaries Saving Lives Amid Genocide

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Embarking On Your Advent Journey

By Barry Howard | November 29, 2001

The green wreath contains four purple candles surrounding one large white candle. The day is Dec. 2. Only one purple candle is lit this day: the candle of peace. This marks the beginning of Advent. What is Advent? When does Advent begin? How is Advent to be observed? Advent is a Latin word which means […]

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Faith Communities Must Accept the Challenge of Substance Abuse

By Steve Sumerel | November 29, 2001

The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse recently released important research about substance abuse and spirituality. In the study entitled So Help Me God: Substance Abuse, Religion and Spirituality, CASA reported that faith is a key factor in both the treatment and prevention of substance abuse related problems. However, the study also confirmed what […]

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Church Rush Following Sept. 11 Diminishes

By Jodi Mathews | November 26, 2001

New faces may have crowded into neighborhood churches following the Sept. 11 attacks, but few have stuck around. Gary Fenton, pastor at Dawson Memorial Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala., told BCE that there was initially a general increase in attendance at all services and increased interest in spiritual issues in his church. However, he said […]

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Street Preachers Defending Free Speech

By Alex Smirnov | November 26, 2001

Street preachers are turning to courts in defense of their First Amendment rights. The Oregon Court of Appeals recently ruled that the Eugene, Ore., police wrongly used a disorderly conduct ordinance two years ago to suppress the free speech rights of street preacher Daniel John Lee, according to the Register-Guard in Eugene. Police did not […]

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The Ebb and Flow of Religious Freedom

By Dwight A. Moody | November 26, 2001

In Afghanistan these days, people are cutting their beards, lifting their veils and playing music. It is all part of the “wild and worldly” celebration that broke out as the Taliban was run out of town. It demonstrated how people of faith reassert their personal freedom following the fall of another regime of religious zealots. […]

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