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Resurrection Through Symbols: From Notre Dame to Louisiana

By Mitch Randall | April 18, 2019

During Holy Week, let’s come together as a Christian community and practice resurrection. As both Parisians and black Baptists continue to mourn the loss of their precious symbols, let us join with them to help rebuild.

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Jennifer Lau, associate executive director of Canadian Baptist Ministries, talks about the CBM's "She Matters" initiative.

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Walking in the Good Way: A Christian Discipleship Study Guide

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Bobby Knight and Ethics

By David McCollum | October 17, 2000

On initial examination, any ethical consideration concerning the dismissal of Bobby Knight as Indiana University’s basketball coach is a slam dunk. His tantrums, tirades and out-of-control antics caused irritation. In his tenure, he was a self-centered monster who somehow existed above normal parameters. Possibly for too long, Indiana officials looked the other way concerning some […]

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Marital Status, Religious Habits and Income Shape America’s Happiness and Optimism

By Staff | October 17, 2000

Americans are overwhelmingly happy and optimistic, according to an October 6-9 Gallup poll. A majority (94 percent) of Americans identify themselves as “very” or “fairly” happy, while 78 percent of Americans are optimistic about the nation’s future. Marital status and religious involvement significantly influence levels of happiness, reported Gallup News Service. The happiest Americans are […]

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Deciding on the Right Choice

By Karen Zurheide | October 16, 2000

In spite of what many Christians, perhaps well-meaning, would have us believe, there is no such thing as a Christian party, nor is there always a clear candidate who is God’s man or woman for the job. Perhaps a look at history will help. Two effective and esteemed presidents, Franklin Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower, were […]

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No Candidate Endorsement Here!

By Bob Setzer | October 16, 2000

As the presidential election nears, I feel a pastoral obligation to comment on the stewardship of one’s vote. Those looking for me to endorse a candidate will be sorely disappointed (or greatly relieved). I don’t endorse candidates.  While I have respected colleagues who do–whether by announcement or innuendo–I regard this as a misuse of the […]

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SBC Ethics Professor and Pressler Endorse Bush Campaign with Contributions

By Staff | October 16, 2000

A Southern Baptist Convention ethics professor and a retired Texas state judge who led the takeover of the SBC made repeated contributions to the presidential campaign of Republican Party nominee George W. Bush, according to a list of contributors posted on Bush’s Web site. The Bush campaign Web site contains a list of campaign donors. […]

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