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Are You Prepared to Give Up All Hope for Lent?

By Mitch Randall | February 27, 2020

The 40 days of Lent place Christians on a journey of self-denial. However, the larger lesson of Lent might be we are called to abandon worldly hopes in order to embrace God’s hopes. Are you ready to give up all hope?

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Jack Levison, author of "Boundless God: the Spirit according to the Old Testament," joins George Mason on the Good God podcast to discuss the elusive Spirit of God in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

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Minister Dips Shady Business in Christian Batter

By Robert Parham | May 29, 2002

What do raising thoroughbred horses, peddling age-defying shakes, mining gold in Liberia and mining diamonds in Zaire have in common? The answer is Pat Robertson, the same one who headed the Christian Coalition and hosts the “700 Club.” In late April, the New York Times reported that Robertson had invested $520,000 in a race horse […]

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The Wounded Minister

By Kirby L. Clark | May 29, 2002

In an era of forced terminations, ministers, their families and their churches often want to know what led to the abrupt ending of an apparently promising “marriage” between clergy and church. Guy Greenfield’s latest book helps us understand what happened, why and what to do next. In The Wounded Minister, Greenfield, a pastoral counselor and […]

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The Gospel According to Fasching

By Dwight A. Moody | May 29, 2002

“The good news of the gospel, as it has been proclaimed for the last two millennia, has no future.” So says Darrell J. Fasching in his provocative little book, The Coming of the Millennium. For 2,000 years, he contends, the good news has been twisted into bad news; and this bad news has been preached […]

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Inside the Small Church

By Jim Royston | May 29, 2002

Inside the Small Church is an exciting and readable survey of the diverse world of small churches. North America is dotted with small churches; in fact, most major denominations are populated in large part by small congregations. This collection of essays reveals a bright hope for the future of small churches. Anthony Pappas has gathered […]

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The Whitsitt Society: Preserving an Imperiled Heritage

By Doug Weaver | May 28, 2002

What do Ralph Elliott, Henlee Barnette and Cecil Sherman have in common? Or Ken Chafin, James Dunn and Glenn Hinson? Most Baptists familiar with “the controversy” in Southern Baptist life the last few decades recognize these leaders for their roles in opposing fundamentalism and in affirming soul freedom and religious liberty. But how about Will […]

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