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Are You Prepared to Give Up All Hope for Lent?

By Mitch Randall | February 27, 2020

The 40 days of Lent place Christians on a journey of self-denial. However, the larger lesson of Lent might be we are called to abandon worldly hopes in order to embrace God’s hopes. Are you ready to give up all hope?

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Jack Levison, author of "Boundless God: the Spirit according to the Old Testament," joins George Mason on the Good God podcast to discuss the elusive Spirit of God in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

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Internet ‘Gossip’ Undermines Christians’ Credibility

By Marv Knox | June 5, 2002

One of the earliest games we played in Sunday School was “Gossip.” Maybe you played it too. The teacher lined all the children in single file and whispered a message into the ear of the child at one end of the line. That child was to whisper the message into the ear of the next […]

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Study Says Some Anti-Smoking Ads Work, Others Don’t

By Staff | June 4, 2002

Edgy anti-tobacco ads discourage youth from smoking, but tamer anti-tobacco ads from tobacco giants do not, according to a new study. “Whereas exposure to the ‘truth’ campaign positively changed youths’ attitudes toward tobacco, the Philip Morris campaign had a counterproductive influence,” concluded the study published in the June issue of the American Journal of Public […]

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“Stolen Summer”

By Roger Thomas | June 4, 2002

Much is already known about “Stolen Summer.” Originally a screenplay written by Peter Jones, “Summer” won a contest sponsored by Miramax and actors/screenwriters Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Once the screenplay was chosen, the writer and soon-to-be director Jones began work on his film. His filmmaking process became the subject of a documentary series on […]

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Americans Still Favor the Death Penalty

By Staff | June 4, 2002

Maryland Gov. Paris Glendening’s recent decision to impose a moratorium on executions in his state shows that the debate over the death penalty remains strong. The state of Illinois has had a moratorium in place since 2000 and is looking at ways to “overhaul” its death penalty system. Nine death penalty states currently have legislation […]

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What Happened to the Southern Baptist Convention Disney Boycott?

By Robert Parham | June 3, 2002

Five years after launching a blistering verbal attack on the Walt Disney Company, the Southern Baptist Convention is mute about its boycott. At the 1996 SBC meeting, Southern Baptists passed a resolution warning of a boycott if Disney continued its “antiChristian and antifamily trend.” It urged Baptists “to give prayerful and serious consideration” to visiting […]

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