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Migration an Economic Necessity for Rural Mexican Families

By Sue Smith | March 18, 2019

While many people migrate to the U.S. to flee gang violence, many others from indigenous communities in Mexico are fleeing poverty, a crushing and systemic problem rooted in decades of injustice and exploitation.

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Erica Whitaker, senior pastor of Buechel Park Baptist Church in Louisville, explores the "underground railroad" underneath Plymouth Church in Brooklyn during Advocacy in Action 2019 in New York City. More at

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Gospel Without Borders: A Documentary about Faith and Immigration

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The Celtic Way of Evangelism

By Robert Parham | March 28, 2000

The model of Celtic Christianity offers Western church leaders a way forward into the 21st century. Celtic Christianity stands in contrast with the early church’s mission to “Romanize” and “Christianize” other peoples. Early Christians, Protestant reformers and 20th century mission leaders believed barbarians first must be civilized before they could be christianized. Another example arose […]

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A Personal Struggle with Soul Freedom

By Will D. Campbell | September 1, 1995

We all know that the most vain of mortals are those who make a career of humility lest their true vanity be unmasked. Exhibitionism is tacky, and vainglory is the cardinal sin, another reason to be judicious with superlatives when reporting on one’s own pilgrimage. I have perceived over the years, however, that the only […]

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The Penrose St. Amant Lectureship on the Baptist Vision Established

By Walter B. Shurden | January 1, 1995

One of God’s unique gifts to Baptists in the last half of the twentieth century was a short Louisiana Frenchman with the distinctive name of Penrose St. Amant (pronounced “San Amaw”). He gets my vote for the most versatile leader in theological education among Baptists in the last half of the twentieth century. Serving on […]

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Safeguarding Baptist Freedoms

By Ralph H. Elliot | July 1, 1994

Southerner Thomas Wolfe may be right in suggesting that one cannot go home again-to live, that is, but no matter where in the world we may live and work, it is always good to go back home for a visit: It is always good to drive by the little church building, the old grammar and […]

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