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Profiles in Goodwill: Carol McEntyre

By Staff | September 18, 2019

Carol McEntyre is the senior pastor at First Baptist Church in Columbia, Missouri.

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Bush’s State of the Union Speech Receives Mixed Reviews from Christians

By Jodi Mathews | January 31, 2002

Praise for President Bush as a person, mixed with ambivalence about his ideas, described the way some Christians responded to his State of the Union address Tuesday night. David Wheeler, pastor of <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />First Baptist Church in Los Angeles, Calif. said he thought Bush’s communication skills had improved since […]

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911 Ends Christian Fundamentalism, Clouds Future Christian Leadership

By Robert Parham | January 31, 2002

Sept. 11 ended the age of Christian fundamentalism. But Christian fundamentalists will only burrow deeper. Be assured that Christian fundamentalism will not disappear. Fundamentalists will burrow deeper into seminary caves, broadcast programs and operate from denominational agencies at the outposts of culture. They will issue holy war pronouncements. They will preach about culture’s collapse and […]

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Stereotypes of Women are not “Left Behind” in the popular series

By Margaret Tarpley | January 31, 2002

Cast as flight attendant, daughter, housewife and mother, the principal women in the Left Behind series play second string to a career airline pilot, precocious news reporter, Nobel prize-winning chemist and international politician/statesman. The best-selling Left Behind books serve numerous readers as convincing commentaries on Bible prophecy and teaching relating to end times. Unfortunately, sex […]

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Bush Rhetoric of War “Troubling”

By Richard Wilson | January 31, 2002

The opening lines of President Bush’s address set a somber tone for the speech. The reality and the rhetoric of war were the constant themes of the speech as Bush moved from the foreign to domestic fronts of the continuing struggle against terrorism. For good reasons Bush’s approval ratings are high. Since Sept. 11, he […]

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“I Am Sam”

By Mike Parnell | January 31, 2002

“I Am Sam” tells the story of Sam Dawson, a man who has not developed mentally past the age of seven. He fathers a child with a homeless woman who used his apartment as a flophouse. After the birth of their daughter, the mother disappears into the urban landscape, never to be seen again. “I […]

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