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The Only Hope Left to Thwart Climate-Change Disaster

By Rick Burnette | April 23, 2019

Leading climate scientists have warned us the climate clock is ticking. However, with insufficient solidarity and widespread complacency, a viable solution appears to be far on the horizon. We have only one hope remaining.

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Jonathan Merritt, author of "Learning to Speak God from Scratch," talks about the importance of speaking up at Advocacy in Action 2019 in New York City.

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Standing at the Crossroads: A Study of Christian Moral Decision-Making

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Super Bowl: A Holy Day or a Holy War?

By David McCollum | January 16, 2001

“America stops on Super Sunday,” proclaims the television promotion. Sometimes, even churches stop on the Sunday of the Super Bowl. In a little more than three decades, it has become one of our most popular cultural holidays. Super Sunday is a head-to-head matchup of a secular and a sacred religion. And many of us like […]

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

By Cliff Vaughn | January 10, 2001

January 15, 2001, is the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Holiday. It is celebrated on the third Monday of January in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., civil rights leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner. King was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta. He married Coretta Scott in Marion, Ala., in 1953. And […]

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Religious Community Divided Over Nomination of Ashcroft as Attorney General

By Robert Parham | January 10, 2001

America’s religious community holds sharply conflicting views about President-elect Bush’s nomination of Senator John D. Ashcroft of Missouri for attorney general. The religious right supports Ashcroft, who has a long record of opposing abortion and homosexuality. The religious left opposes him because of his opposition to the separation of church and state. Religious conservatives have […]

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The Ethics of Execution: Back to Jesus’ Way

By Glen Stassen | January 10, 2001

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article by Glen Stassen is reprinted with permission from Sojourners Online. To learn more about Sojourners, visit or call 800-714-7474. When you look at the history of the church’s entanglement with the death penalty, and then its recovery, gradually you realize the story is like a parable, a penetrating view […]

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“Temptation Island” Tests Television Values

By Sarah Griffith | January 9, 2001

A Fox television series debuting Jan. 10 has attracted critics for tempting “committed couples” to stray from their romantic partners by surrounding them with other attractive and available singles. “Critics have already begun blasting ‘Temptation Island’ based solely on its premise and titillating promotions, which feature scantily clad men and women and a voice-over describing […]

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