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The Only Hope Left to Thwart Climate-Change Disaster

By Rick Burnette | April 23, 2019

Leading climate scientists have warned us the climate clock is ticking. However, with insufficient solidarity and widespread complacency, a viable solution appears to be far on the horizon. We have only one hope remaining.

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Jonathan Merritt, author of "Learning to Speak God from Scratch," talks about the importance of speaking up at Advocacy in Action 2019 in New York City.

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Standing at the Crossroads: A Study of Christian Moral Decision-Making

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The Aftermath of Scandalous Behavior: Following the Biblical Witness

By Bob Setzer | January 29, 2001

The highly publicized scandal of the Rev. Jesse Jackson fathering a child out of wedlock–at the very time he was counseling the President about marital infidelity–has rightly left many people reeling. It is one thing to stumble morally. But rushing in as another’s “spiritual advisor” while involved in the very offense as one’s counselee rises […]

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Baptist State Convention Endorses Ashcroft, Violates Historic Baptist Polity

By Sarah Griffith | January 26, 2001

The South Carolina Baptist Convention (SCBC) sent an e-mail memorandum to pastors today urging them to “alert South Carolinians” from their pulpits about “the need to flood” the office of Sen. Fritz Hollings, D-S.C., with requests to confirm former Senator John Ashcroft’s nomination for attorney general. “Please call Sen. Hollings’ Washington office . . . […]

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No Evidence for Internet Story About Bush Leading Teenager to Christ

By Mark Wingfield | January 22, 2001

No evidence can be found to support a story circulating widely on the Internet about President George W. Bush taking time out during a banquet for volunteer staff to lead a teenager to faith in Jesus Christ. While not discounting the president’s Christian faith or evangelistic zeal, two firms that specialize in tracking down so-called […]

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Majority Believes Bush’s Campaign Promise of Compassionate Conservatism Is More than Rhetoric

By Staff | January 22, 2001

A majority of Americans believe President George W. Bush will govern with compassionate conservatism, according to the most recent CNN-USA Today Gallup poll. The poll, taken before Saturday’s inauguration, found that “58 percent of Americans believe Bush will govern in a way that is ‘truly compassionate,’ while 39 percent do not.” Forty-nine percent of Americans […]

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Religious Right and Left on Ashcroft: Is It Different Shoes but the Same Dance?

By Robert Parham | January 22, 2001

A Southern Baptist Convention official violated the denomination’s historic commitment to non-endorsement of political candidates and breached his own claim of non-partisan political alignment when he endorsed former Senator John Ashcroft as attorney general. Richard Land, executive director of the SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, endorsed Ashcroft in a letter to members of the […]

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