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Advent, Christmas Will Be Political – And That’s Good News

By Jim Hopkins | December 13, 2019

While the season of Advent and Christmas will be and has been political, it’s not partisan. Scripture unveils the political reality of the season, in which those consigned to the back row of society have been brought to the front.

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Featured Video Executive Director Mitch Randall offers Christmas and holiday greetings for 2019, sharing that EthicsDaily still believes that people of faith can make a difference for the common good.

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Churches Can Prevent Sexual Abuse by Screening Staff and Volunteers

By Ray Furr | April 12, 2002

Seminaries may be the first line of defense in protecting church members from sexual abuse by clergy, but in congregationally governed parishes the ultimate responsibility is with the local church, according to screening experts. The Roman Catholic Church has paid more than a billion dollars in settlement costs to victims of pedophile priests. Now, some […]

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Marks of Pastoral Excellence

By Jeff Woods | April 12, 2002

Pastoral leaders should be gauged by their faithfulness rather than their commitment to a business model of success. The ultimate aim of pastoral leaders is to please God rather than the world. Thus, standards for good pastoral leadership are derived from biblical and theological principles, not merely membership and attendance margins. Several marks of faithful […]

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Rendering Unto Uncle Sam

By Barry Howard | April 11, 2002

April 15 is not a date that usually appears on the Christian calendar. It is tax day, the deadline for filing personal income taxes. Is there a biblical and historical precedent for paying taxes? To the surprise of many, the Bible has a lot to say about taxes. Moses took a census and levied a […]

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Religious Right’s Issues Fade from Public Interest

By Robert Parham | April 11, 2002

Key “hot button” issues, such as abortion and homosexuality, concerned few adults, according to a survey of the conservative Barna Research Organization. “The issues often associated with moral decay were not significant to adults,” reported a Mar. 26 Barna report. George Barna, company founder, said, “Five particular issues—homosexuality, abortion, cloning, child abuse and pornography—were each […]

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Rude, Crude and Socially Unacceptable: A Status Report on Americans Behaving Badly

By Staff | April 11, 2002

A recent study conducted by Public Agenda and funded by Pew Charitable Trusts revealed that many Americans found it common to encounter people who are rude and disrespectful. Eight in 10 surveyed said a lack of respect and courtesy is a serious problem, according to The study, “Aggravating Circumstances: A Status Report on Rudeness […]

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