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God’s Eternal Breath Gives Life, Calls Us to Help the Breathless

By Barrett Owen | May 29, 2020

With Pentecost celebrated this Sunday, may we remember God gave us breath to live, move and have our being in the world and gave us breath to cry out against injustices afflicted on our sisters and brothers of color.

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Bush Seeks Public Support for War, Skips Just War Theory

By Robert Parham | October 8, 2002

President Bush sought last night to increase public backing for a U.S.-led war against Iraq, hoping to build support for congressional resolutions authorizing the use of military force and to obtain a legitimizing United Nation’s Security Council resolution. Speaking to a politely cheering crowd in Cincinnati, Bush’s speech ran almost 30 minutes, longer than the […]

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Bush Uses ‘Weapon’ Words to Make Case Against Iraq

By Cliff Vaughn | October 8, 2002

President Bush used the word “weapons” several dozen times last night to make the case for possible military action against Iraq. His speech in Cincinnati came one year after Bush ordered the first military strikes in Afghanistan. The roughly 3,300-word speech lasted 30 minutes. Bush used some form of the word “weapon” about 42 times […]

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All Nature Sings

By Barry Howard | October 7, 2002

This is an excellent season to get out and enjoy the beauty of the “rocks and the trees.” Here are some activities that could get you and your family out to enjoy the “beauty of the earth” this autumn: The psalmist knew this when he wrote, “The heavens declare the glory of God and the […]

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A Time to Assist in Dying?

By Steve Ivy | October 7, 2002

This column explores the ethics of taking actions which may hasten death for a person who is in the last stage of a terminal illness, or whose suffering cannot be ameliorated by physical, emotional or spiritual means. Said bluntly, is the decision to assist a suffering person to die ethical? Consider the following cases: John […]

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Youth See More Alcohol Ads Than Adults

By Jodi Mathews | October 7, 2002

American youth, aged 12 to 20, saw more alcoholic beverage ads in 2001 than did people of legal drinking age, according to a recent study by the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth. “Total youth exposure to beer and distilled spirits advertising in print in 2001 was systematic and pervasive,” the report claimed. The research […]

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