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When We Treat Strangers Kindly, We’re Deemed Ready for Peace

By Fred Guttman | December 6, 2019

In Jewish tradition, Elijah often appears in the guise of an old beggar. The legend says if we treat beggars kindly, the world is deemed ready for peace. Did Elijah visit us and we didn’t notice him? When will we be ready for peace?

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Mitch Randall, executive director of, reviews some of what the organization has accomplished so far in 2019.

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New Age of ‘Cathedrals’: Reflecting the Image of God or Man?

By Everett Goodwin | May 22, 2002

Robert Schuller clearly has an eternal hope for his Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, Calif. In a recent interview, Schuller confessed, “I dream in hundreds of years.” The Crystal Cathedral “will never die,” he said. “It’s built around the sun, the sky, the water, the mountains. It meets the deeper emotional needs of people.” Schuller […]

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The Gift of Memory

By James L. Evans | May 22, 2002

We were fortunate to be in Washington, D.C., the year the United States Holocaust Museum opened. We stood in line for hours to get tickets, and hours more to get in. Hundreds and hundreds of people were there to see and remember. Once inside, we walked in a silent, solemn procession through the exhibits. The […]

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Let’s See if the Pen is Mightier than the Machete

By Marv Knox | May 22, 2002

Muslims are slaughtering Christians in the Molluccas–a region of Indonesia formerly known as the Spice Islands. Missions personnel and longtime observers believe prayers and letters from U.S. Christians can help stem the flood of blood. Although Indonesia is overwhelmingly Islamic, the Moluccas, also known as the Maluku region, were predominantly Christian for many years. However, […]

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Anti-Semites, Dualists: A Look at Christians through the Eyes of Others

By James Browning | May 21, 2002

One of the gifts of interfaith dialogue is perspective. Through another’s eyes we may deepen our understanding of ourselves and our faith. We may decide that the perspective of the other is flawed or incomplete, but we may also gain great wisdom. One of the gifts of interfaith dialogue is perspective. Through another’s eyes we […]

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Wanted: Students Willing to Serve

By Ben Leslie | May 21, 2002

Over the next few weeks, nearly 3 million Americans will receive a high school diploma. If recent trends continue, record numbers of them will enter programs preparing for praiseworthy careers in law, health care and business. There is another statistical trend, however, which is less encouraging—the decline in the number of students preparing for careers […]

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