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3 Rules for Preaching in Purple Churches in Political Season

By Rhonda Abbott Blevins | July 23, 2019

For pastors with mixed-politics congregations, here are 3 rules to hold your diverse ‘purple’ churches together as the political discourse grows increasingly toxic when the presidential race heats up.

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Roy Medley, general secretary emeritus of American Baptist Churches USA, is interviewed by executive director Mitch Randall about the necessity for Baptists to be involved in interfaith work around the globe.

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Walking in the Good Way: A Christian Discipleship Study Guide

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Desire for Freedom in Worship Births A.M.E. Church

By Pam Durso | February 5, 2002

Most denominations we know began in response to doctrinal conflict or disagreements over church polity. But in the late 18th century, one of America’s great denominations, the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AMEC), was started in reaction to racial discrimination and intolerance. <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />St. George’s Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia, […]

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Celebrities Endorse Evangelical Book in Germany

By Alex Smirnov | February 5, 2002

A private Florida foundation uses European celebrities to promote a 20-year-old evangelical text in Germany, raising concerns among the nation’s clerics. The Prince of Prussia, a soccer player, a women’s magazine editor and the British pop singer Cliff Richard began endorsing Power for Living in print, on billboards, television and radio last December. Tens of […]

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IMB Missionaries Must Sign Faith Statement, Texas and Virginia Baptist Leaders Warn of Tragedy

By Staff | February 5, 2002

The International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention asked its 5,000 missionaries last week to sign a controversial faith statement. IMB’s president, Jerry Rankin, acknowledged that the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message statement “has continued to generate controversy throughout the convention and suspicion regarding some related to Southern Baptist entities.”<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns […]

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BCE Equips Churches to Study Changes in Baptist Faith and Message Statement

By Staff | February 5, 2002

In 2000, when the Southern Baptist Convention revised the time-honored 1963 faith statement, it moved away from the historic Baptist commitment of confessions of faith toward creedal religion. One SBC official said that the adoption of the new statement meant, “You don’t have a right to believe whatever you want to believe, and still call […]

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Harry Potter Series Tops List of Most-challenged Books

By Jared Porter | February 4, 2002

The Harry Potter series topped the American Library Association’s 2001 list of most-challenged books for the third year running, the ALA reported in January. The popular children’s series, penned by Scottish author J.K. Rowling, “drew complaints from parents and others concerned about the books’ focus on wizardry and magic,” according to the ALA.<?xml:namespace prefix = […]

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