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Pope: Economic Inequality Largely Unchanged Since Biblical Times

By Staff | November 11, 2019

Citing the Psalms in his address for the World Day of the Poor 2019, Pope Francis said the inequalities and social imbalances described in the Bible are largely unchanged today, ‘as if history has taught us nothing.’

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"No. 2: Tonya" is the second installment in a short-film series highlighting female Baptist pastors. This film, produced jointly by Baptist Women in Ministry and, features Tonya Easterly Vickery, co-pastor of Cullowhee Baptist Church in Cullowhee, North Carolina.

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Outdoor Air Pollution: Getting Ready for Summer Smog

By Jim Ball | May 6, 2002

Smog season is upon us, with higher levels of ozone (smog) occurring from May through September. More than one in three Americans live in areas with unhealthy outdoor air, and in many areas it is getting worse, especially in poorer neighborhoods. The more we learn about outdoor air pollution’s effects on human health, the more […]

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The War on Terrorism and the Terror of God

By Michael Smith | May 6, 2002

Lee Griffith, a well-established social activist and author, provides a timely service to the Christian community with The War on Terrorism and the Terror of God. He presents a clear and thorough call to a consistent nonviolent ethic. Using the issue of terrorism as the most challenging of test cases, he argues that all violent […]

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Say Goodbye to Arthur

By Michael Clingenpeel | May 6, 2002

The Religious Herald Publishing Association Incorporated is a nonprofit corporation licensed under the State Corporation Commission of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Not that any of you care. You want your news accurate, concise and in a readable form, and you want it in your mailbox before the end of the week. Being a nonprofit corporation […]

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Migrant Workers Impact Small Towns

By Gary Farley | May 3, 2002

On May 5, the small town of Aliceville, Ala., will add another event to its community calendar—a Cinco de Mayo celebration. The fun begins at noon with a soccer tournament, followed by a worship service and then a traditional Hispanic meal. The event is sponsored by Aliceville’s Hispanic congregation and the Baptist, Presbyterian and Episcopal […]

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Celebrations: Eat, Drink and Be Weary

By Steve Sumerel | May 3, 2002

If our hallowed times were holy places, perhaps we would live better. If national, ethnic and religious holidays were not designations on a calendar, but actual places, maybe our abuse of alcohol would stand in better contrast to the celebrations. Instead of living through the Christmas season, we would visit the Christmas cathedral. We would […]

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