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Why Jesus Always Trumps Presidential Racism

By Mitch Randall | July 18, 2019

How should we react to the president’s racist tweets? Repeatedly, we discover Jesus combating myopic and hateful attitudes. Through words and actions, Jesus offers an example of how to conqueror bigotry, xenophobia and racism.

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Jonathan Hemmings, pastor in Jamaica, is interviewed by executive director Mitch Randall about what happens when the church really meets Jesus.

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The Church: Reluctant Prophets?

By Gary Furr | February 7, 2002

Two articles recently crossed my desk, both of which scolded churches and pastors for our relative silence about the Enron scandal. “Are we so numbed by scandal that we don’t care anymore?” asked the authors. “Are we so numbed by scandal that we don’t care anymore?” asked the authors. Religious responses either chalked it up […]

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Bush’s New Ethic Needs a Better Slogan than “Let’s Roll”

By Robert Parham | February 6, 2002

President Bush has pronounced a new ethic for America—”Let’s roll.” “For too long our culture has said, ‘If it feels good, do it.’ Now America is embracing a new ethic and a new creed: ‘Let’s roll,’” Bush said in his State of the Union speech. “For too long our culture has said, ‘If it feels […]

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First Baptist Church, Savannah Couldn’t Avoid Civil Rights Debate

By John Finley | February 6, 2002

Like many congregations in the antebellum American South, First Baptist Church, Savannah, Ga., was composed of white, slave and free black members. At the end of the Civil War, however, most African-American members withdrew to form their own churches. Segregated public and private facilities were the order of the day in Savannah until the modern […]

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New Book Explores the Intersection of Education and Religion

By Dave Russell | February 6, 2002

In his book, Education, Religion, and the Public Good, Martin Marty addresses the intersection of religion and education. This book, and an earlier volume rose out of Marty’s work with the Public Religion Project for the Pew Charitable Trusts. Marty considers education as a whole, from kindergarten through graduate school, public and private, and describes […]

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The Heavyweights Are Christians

By Ray Furr | February 6, 2002

They’ll know we are Christians by our love and by our bulging waistlines. And the larger the middle, the more likely you are to be pastor of a church. Obesity is a growing epidemic claiming some 300,000 lives each year. Defined as being overweight by 20 percent or by 25 to 35 pounds, physicians agree […]

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