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God’s Eternal Breath Gives Life, Calls Us to Help the Breathless

By Barrett Owen | May 29, 2020

With Pentecost celebrated this Sunday, may we remember God gave us breath to live, move and have our being in the world and gave us breath to cry out against injustices afflicted on our sisters and brothers of color.

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Other Religions and the Quest for God

By Paul Schrag | November 1, 2002

Ever since Paul spoke to the Athenians about the “unknown god,” people have asked how a belief in Christianity’s unique truth fits into a world of many religions. Today, the unprecedented mingling of cultures and faiths in North America makes the question more pertinent than ever. A new awareness of Islam since the terrorist attacks […]

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Confidence: A Key for Successful Living

By Michael Helms | October 31, 2002

All of us have confidence in some areas and are lacking in others. A proper balance is important. Confidence run amuck leads to arrogance. No confidence leads to a poor self-esteem. Henry Ford said, “If you think you can or think you can’t you are right.” The power of the mind is a power that […]

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“The Truth About Charlie”

By Mike Parnell | October 31, 2002

It has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. When it comes to movie remakes, it can also be the source of bad movies that could have been much better. A good case in point is “The Truth About Charlie.” Based on 1963’s “Charade,” “The Truth About Charlie” presents a story that […]

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Michigan Amish Shun Septic Systems, Plead Religious Liberty

By Jodi Mathews | October 31, 2002

Amish in Michigan are battling to preserve their religious beliefs and practices, as a health agency tries to force several Amish families to install septic systems. “The Amish, who call themselves the Plain People, generally shun modern conveniences such as electrical service, telephones, cars, indoor bathrooms and septic systems,” according to the First Amendment Center. […]

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Sitting Down to Eat with Jesus

By Dwight Moody | October 30, 2002

Jesus himself might not have the credentials for Communion in every sanctuary built in his honor. Except for one thing: Communion. The printed bulletin explained that participation in this ritual (called by some the Eucharist and by others the Lord’s Supper) was limited to those who had been received as members into the worldwide fellowship […]

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