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3 Lessons to Heed When Preachers Align with Political Power

By Michael Ruffin | November 19, 2019

When preachers cozy up to politicians, they tend to tell the politician what they want to hear, not what God leads them to say. It was true with King Ahab and his 400 court prophets, and it still rings true today.

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Mitch Randall, executive director of, interviews Bill Shiell, president of Northern Seminary, at the annual meeting of the Baptist General Association of Virginia on Nov. 12, 2019 in Roanoke.

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Most Americans Oppose Using Embryos for Cloning

By Staff | May 21, 2002

As the debate over cloning continues in Congress, Americans have cast their votes and most oppose it. Cloning involves harvesting stem cells form human embryos or adults for the purpose of medical research or reproduction. According to a May Gallup poll, the majority of Americans opposes both cloning human embryos for medical research (61 percent) […]

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“Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones”

By Roger Thomas | May 20, 2002

Films, from the classic masterpiece “The Godfather” to the exemplary contemporary film “A Simple Plan,” have dealt with the breakdown of moral character. The lesson of all of those films is that the journey toward evil usually begins with small steps. George Lucas has said that he believes the message of his new “Star Wars” […]

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Precedents for Postmodernism

By Parush Parushev | May 20, 2002

Postmodernism means different things to different people. Some are so fascinated with current changes in social, artistic and intellectual life that they believe a new age has already dawned. Others are so frustrated by these changes that they deny the existence of any significant cultural shift. They think it’s only in the minds of ill-intentioned […]

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Ballpark Etiquette

By Barry Howard | May 20, 2002

It’s baseball and softball season again, and the local fields in our community are full of energetic boys and girls who are eager to hit a homerun or make a double play. The excitement of the sport gets intense—sometimes too intense. Last year, there was a brawl at a T-ball game. The players were not […]

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Inactivity, Obesity Cause Early Preventable Disease among Children

By Ray Furr | May 17, 2002

Children who are overweight and obese may soon have as much costly preventable disease and death as cigarette smokers, according to a 20-year Center for Disease Control study released this month. CDC researchers found that the number of children who are overweight and obese has nearly tripled. And the hospital costs of children with obesity-related […]

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