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Why Your Congregation Needs Christian Ethics Education

By Bill Tillman | October 21, 2019

We assume Christians will always make choices appropriate to a life lived following Christ. However, without education in Christian ethics, many congregants form decisions based on their political ideologies, not biblical theology.

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Louise Kretzschmar, professor of theological ethics at the University of South Africa, addresses the confusion between what is Christian versus what is one's culture.

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I Am the Dream

By Mitch Randall | October 18, 2019
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How to Listen and Respond if Your Child Discloses Molestation

By Laura Landgraf | October 15, 2019
Mother holding and hugging young girl

If the unthinkable happens, and your child trusts you to let you know he or she has been molested, how you respond will make a huge difference in their emotional equilibrium and their ability to heal. These 9 steps can help you.

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The True Threat to Palestinian Christians in the Holy Land

By Alex Awad | October 15, 2019
Girl on man’s shoulders amid violent setting

Israel’s apologists often claim the Palestinian Authority persecutes Palestinian Christians. However, the Israeli occupation has made life unbearable for Muslims and Christians and poses the greatest threat to the Palestinian church.

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Emerging Voices | 4 Truths I Discerned When the Wild Geese Honked

By Kelly Moreland Jones | October 14, 2019
Geese in a pond

It was an unforgettable week filled with prophetic preaching, informative panel discussions, interactive small groups and powerful praise and worship. As the geese honked during my meditations, the Spirit gave me 4 lessons.

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As You Feel Life’s Seismic Shifts, Embrace the Transitions

By Dennis Atwood | October 14, 2019
Word ‘change’ written in sky

While it’s important to remember the past and appreciate what it can teach us, none of us can hold onto the past. As the events of our lives shift around us, we must embrace the transitions and allow God to transform us.

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She Wanted to Join Our Church but Nearly Ruined Dinner

By Ken Sehested | October 14, 2019
Pot on stovetop with steam wafting out

Folks have different reasons for wanting to join a church: give them the love they deserve, be a place of support, find new friends, offer programs for their children. But one woman’s reason for joining nearly burned my gravy.

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