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Despite Ouster, Baptist Church Stands for Jesus’ Love for All

By David Jordan | February 18, 2020

First Baptist Church of Decatur, Georgia, was asked to leave the Atlanta Metro Baptist Association for ordaining a deacon who is gay. The association’s action diminishes, even dismisses, the depth, breadth and power of Jesus’ love.

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Emerging Voices | Logsdon Seminary Affirmed Women in Ministry

By Bethany Busby | February 12, 2020
Classroom with students at Logsdon Seminary

Like many other women, I was called to ministry as a teen in a Southern Baptist church that did not affirm women serving in ministry. Logsdon Seminary was a place where women called to ministry could thrive.

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When Your Struggle with Self-Hatred, Guilt Can Be Healthy

By Ron Rolheiser | February 12, 2020
Sad woman, head down, sitting on floor alone

People from all religious backgrounds blame their religious upbringing for the struggles they have with self-hatred and guilt. Such struggles can’t be blamed solely on religion. Moreover, that struggle is not always unhealthy.

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With Abrupt Announcement, Logsdon Seminary is Gone

By Bill Tillman | February 11, 2020
Bill Tillman in classroom

An abrupt announcement on Feb. 7 said Logsdon Seminary at Hardin-Simmons University in Texas would close after a vote by trustees. Few details were provided; questions remain unanswered. And just like that, the seminary is gone.

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Washington Gladden Balanced Social Activism, Spiritual Focus

By John Zehring | February 11, 2020
Yin and yang symbol with inset of Washington Gladden

Washington Gladden, an early leader in the Social Gospel movement, modeled a Christian life that understood the yin and yang that interwove social activism and spiritual centeredness. You can’t have one without the other.

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Less than 5% of Refugee Resettlement Needs Met in 2019

By Staff | February 11, 2020
Child refugee amid war background

As the Trump administration cuts the number of refugees allowed to resettle in the US, less than 64,000 of the 1.4 million refugees considered top priorities in 2019 were actually relocated globally, a UN agency reported.

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