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Pope: Economic Inequality Largely Unchanged Since Biblical Times

By Staff | November 11, 2019

Citing the Psalms in his address for the World Day of the Poor 2019, Pope Francis said the inequalities and social imbalances described in the Bible are largely unchanged today, ‘as if history has taught us nothing.’

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"No. 2: Tonya" is the second installment in a short-film series highlighting female Baptist pastors. This film, produced jointly by Baptist Women in Ministry and, features Tonya Easterly Vickery, co-pastor of Cullowhee Baptist Church in Cullowhee, North Carolina.

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3 Lessons from One of Worst Domestic Terrorist Attacks in US

By Preston Clegg | November 5, 2019
Rows of white crosses in cemetery

To help learn the lessons from one of America’s worst domestic terrorist attacks, Second Baptist Church of Little Rock, Arkansas, placed 237 crosses on its lawn to remember the 100-year-old Elaine Massacre.

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Thriving After Adversity: 6 Steps to Achieve Contentment

By Laura Landgraf | November 5, 2019
Woman reclining on the ground reading a book

Survivors of sustained physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual abuse as children are more likely to deal with physical illnesses, depression and suicide. Few achieve contentment, but it is possible and requires intention.

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After Loved One Dies, How You Can Find Peace by Letting Go

By Christopher Schilling | November 5, 2019
Hands holding an old photograph amid pile of old photos

No matter who you are or how you defined your relationship with the one in your life who died, sorting through the belongings of a departed loved one doesn’t have to be a tedious task. It can be a spiritual journey.

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How to Move Forward When Society Exiles Our Values

By Colin Harris | November 4, 2019
Finger pointing away

We seem to be in a metaphorical exile. Forces inconsistent with values we claim as a foundation for our society appear to have taken control of our identity. Don’t give in to helplessness. Here’s what to do until the ‘empire’ falls.

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The Power of Ritual to Convey What Mere Words Cannot

By Jack Moline | November 4, 2019
Folded flag draped over tombstone in cemetery

Faith traditions have rituals in abundance. They have the capacity to convey meaning that might otherwise have been left unexpressed. And no more expressive ritual exists than a military burial in Arlington National Cemetery.

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