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Advent, Christmas Will Be Political – And That’s Good News

By Jim Hopkins | December 13, 2019

While the season of Advent and Christmas will be and has been political, it’s not partisan. Scripture unveils the political reality of the season, in which those consigned to the back row of society have been brought to the front.

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Featured Video Executive Director Mitch Randall offers Christmas and holiday greetings for 2019, sharing that EthicsDaily still believes that people of faith can make a difference for the common good.

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Don’t Let These ‘What Ifs’ Separate Generations in Church

By Christina Embree | December 9, 2019
Boy and girl singing in church service

When we consider intergenerational worship and discipleship, the critics have plenty of ‘what if’ scenarios. But what if they all came true? While it may prove to be somewhat uncomfortable, it’s how we grow and learn.

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People of Faith More Likely to Work for Justice, Help People in Need

By Staff | December 9, 2019
Young adults volunteering, distributing supplies

Surveying young adults from more than two dozen nations, a Barna Group report said people of faith are more likely to be inspired by their beliefs to help those in need and to work for justice in society.

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When We Treat Strangers Kindly, We’re Deemed Ready for Peace

By Fred Guttman | December 6, 2019
Seated beggar holding sign seeking kindness

In Jewish tradition, Elijah often appears in the guise of an old beggar. The legend says if we treat beggars kindly, the world is deemed ready for peace. Did Elijah visit us and we didn’t notice him? When will we be ready for peace?

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Walker Knight: Friend, Mentor and Voice for Peace and Justice

By Ken Sehested | December 6, 2019
Walker Knight

My mentor and friend, Walker Knight, who died Dec. 1, knew faith is often clarified not in the absence of conflict but within and through it. His brave voice spoke out on a variety of justice, peace and human rights commitments.

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Advent Calls Us to Pursue ‘Green’ Peace for This Planet

By David Wheeler | December 6, 2019
Hand holding a verdant globe amid green foliage

In a global economy that views our planet as a repository of resources to exploit, the theme of peace during Advent calls us to imagine and live an alternative economy of simplicity and generosity. We must seek a ‘green’ peace.

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