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How COVID-19 Pandemic Affects Daily Life in Northern Ghana

By Isaac Wuni | May 26, 2020

The West African nation of Ghana has been on partial lockdown since late March. Schools are closed. Many are unable to work. Food costs have increased. As the lockdown continues, the need to help deprived and needy families will grow.

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4 Suggestions on How We Can Improve Clergy Mental Health

By Paula Shurden Batts | May 21, 2020
Therapist listening to client

Clergy are more open today to seeking help for mental health issues. And when churches speak openly about mental health, they reduce the mystery and stigma for everyone, including their ministers. Consider these four suggestions.

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Her Fight: How Many Pastors’ Spouses Deal with Depression

By Patrick Broaddus | May 21, 2020
Lonely woman staring out windows

Choosing to be married to a pastor is hard. Many spouses deal with depression. The church needs to come to a fuller understanding of the often unrealistic expectations and pressures placed on ministers and their families.

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Young Adults Face Mental Health Issues in ‘Emerging Adulthood’

By Rebekah Gordon | May 20, 2020
Young man with face in lined shadows

With milestones like marriage and degrees pushed later into life, young adults are plunged into ‘emerging adulthood.’ This new stage brings with it challenges and mental health problems that previous generations never faced.

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3 Trends to Help Your Church Weather COVID-19’s Financial Storm

By Matt Cook | May 20, 2020
Sign outside a church saying the doors are closed but ministry continues.

Most churches have taken a significant financial hit from the COVID-19 health crisis, but some have seen their giving hold up and even increase. How did they do it? Check out these three trends most of these churches have in common.

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Maintaining Clergy Mental Health Proves to be Complex Puzzle

By Elizabeth Denham Thompson | May 20, 2020
Nearly complete puzzle of surprised man’s face

During the coronavirus pandemic, clergy have led their churches from in-person to online ministry and now struggle with what comes next. It’s a frustrating process, like piecing together a complex jigsaw puzzle.

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