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In the Darkness, Search for Hope

By Mitch Randall | September 19, 2019

Clergy are so busy ministering and offering hope to others, they quickly find themselves isolated and alone. Here are 10 ways your church can ensure the good mental health of your pastor. Make sure you minister to your minister.

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Robert Hunt returns for a second segment on the Good God podcast to discuss evangelism in a pluralistic world, exploring the question, "How can Christians engage in relationships with people of other faiths or no faith and still offer what we believe is a life of beauty and truth?"

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Worship’s More Than Something You Do Once Each Week

By Justin Bishop | September 17, 2019
Worship service with word ‘Jesus’ projected on wall

Worship is more than something we do one day of the week. Worship calls you to praise God through serving other human beings and calls you to change the way you see God, yourself and your neighbor. It’s a way of life.

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Climate Change Called Major Factor in Poverty’s Growth

By Vinoth Ramachandra | September 16, 2019
Dead tree in the sunlight

Some have suggested that a cause of climate change is the poor having large families. In reality, however, climate change is becoming a major factor in perpetuating poverty in nations as much as in families.

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Following Jesus Must Include Political Implications – Part 1

By Elmo Familiaran | September 16, 2019

The church should stay out of politics, some say. However, the practice of our faith carries political implications, often transformative ones, including these four examples when Christians stood up to political ideologies.

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Wednesday Night Church Still Common Among US Protestants

By Staff | September 16, 2019
People in class with Bibles on their laps

Nine out of 10 Protestant churches in the US continue to hold Wednesday night activities, a LifeWay report said, with small group Bible studies coming out on top as the most common midweek activity.

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Your Pastor Isn’t Immune from Mental Health Issues

By Dennis Bickers | September 13, 2019
Depressed man with face in hands

The ministry can be lonely. It can become even lonelier when ministers battle emotional and mental illnesses, such as depression. During those times, ministers cannot afford to cut themselves off from those who can help them.

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