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The Secret’s Out #2: Churches Mum About LGBTQ Affirmation

By Merianna Harrelson | July 19, 2019

Even churches on the progressive end of the Baptist spectrum, who are open to the LGBTQ community being members, still prefer that their welcoming stance and support of same-sex marriage aren’t too widely broadcast.

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Dimitrina (Didi) Oprenova, minister of Sofia Baptist Church in Bulgaria and vice president of the Baptist World Alliance, is interviewed by executive director Mitch Randall about living out Galatians 3:28.

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3 Ways to Respond Positively to Trump’s Racist Tirade

By Mark Tidsworth | July 17, 2019
Donald Trump portrait composed of words

President Trump once again spewed racism during a weekend Twitter tirade. Rather than become numb to his latest racist rant, Christians can choose to be part of the national dialogue about racism in a way that honors Christ.

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21 Observations When Your Pastor Stays Put at Your Church

By Gary Furr | July 16, 2019
Man seated at front of church sanctuary

While many pastors may jump to greener pastures every few years, the congregation whose pastor stays put for a couple decades or more will reap numerous advantages. Check out these 21 truths.

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The Incredible Immigration Journey of Yevgeniy Yudin

By Fred Guttman | July 16, 2019
Two photos of Yevgeniy Yudin

Born in Russia in the 1920s, Yevgeniy Yudin endured countless hardships yet persevered until he and his family immigrated to the US. In this time of discord about immigration, it is incumbent to remember stories such as Yevgeniy’s.

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Emerging Voices | Why I’m Excited to Help with the HLPF

By Tori Crook | July 16, 2019
Hand holding a green glass globe

What is the HLPF, you ask. Not many have heard of it. It’s a United Nations conference for nongovernmental organizations to meet and discuss the Sustainable Development Goals. And here’s why I’m excited to be part of it.

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Global Baptists Speak Out on Women, Intolerance

By Brian Kaylor | July 15, 2019
Cassandra Jones preaching at Baptist World Alliance gathering

Baptist leaders from about 40 nations voted to affirm women in ministry and to condemn religious-based intolerance during the annual gathering of the Baptist World Alliance in the Bahamas last week.

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