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Meet Mitch Randall

Randall holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Northeastern State University, a Master of Divinity with biblical languages from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry degree from George W. Truett Theological Seminary.

He is an Oklahoma native who served previously as pastor of NorthHaven Church in Norman, Oklahoma, from 2006 to 2017, and before that served churches in Nickerson, Kansas; North Richland Hills, Texas; and Bedford, Texas. He appeared in the 2009 documentary, "Different Books, Common Word: Baptists and Muslims."

"Mitch Randall brings experience, energy and vision to the leadership position of BCE," said Suzii Paynter, executive coordinator at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. "Picking up a strong legacy, he will forge a new bright future for BCE."

Randall is committed to upholding Baptist traditions while building ecumenical relationships with other Christians and other people of faith.

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Articles by Mitch Randall

Girl wearing jacket with hands covering face

Theological Malpractice Stands Culpable in Sexual Abuse

By Mitch Randall | August 15, 2019

Patriarchalism is a common thread running through church sexual abuse cases. Any theological conviction and practice that harbors abusers and vilifies victims should be truthfully regarded for what it is: theological malpractice.

People rallying to protest gun violence

#Peacemakers2019: Time to Build a Movement to End Gun Violence

By Mitch Randall | August 8, 2019

With each mass killing by domestic terrorists, we are quick to offer thoughts and prayers but slow to offer significant changes that could prevent such evil from spreading. We must all rise up to meet this crisis head on.

Native American pupils at Carlisle Indian Industrial School circa 1900

Christian Nationalism: Kill the Indian, Save the Man

By Mitch Randall | August 1, 2019

Christian nationalism seeks to divide God’s children, raising an elected segment over that of others. It was wrong when my Native American great-grandmother and her sister were subjected to it, and it’s wrong today.

Person seated on grass enjoying mountain view

We Need Sabbath This Summer

By Mitch Randall | July 25, 2019

From overburdened schedules to political chaos, most of us walk around our city streets as zombies controlled by the devices in our hands. During the remaining weeks of summer, we need to recapture and embrace Sabbath.

Cracked mural of Donald Trump over U.S. flag

Why Jesus Always Trumps Presidential Racism

By Mitch Randall | July 18, 2019

How should we react to the president’s racist tweets? Repeatedly, we discover Jesus combating myopic and hateful attitudes. Through words and actions, Jesus offers an example of how to conqueror bigotry, xenophobia and racism.

Cassandra Jones

Baptists By the Sea

By Mitch Randall | July 12, 2019

Representing 50 million Baptists around the globe, the Baptist World Alliance’s yearly meeting zeroed in on three themes: missions and evangelism, women in ministry, and the need for a theoretical and pragmatic hermeneutic.

Statue of Liberty with U.S. flag in foreground

How Your Religious Liberty Works Both Ways

By Mitch Randall | July 3, 2019

Christians, or anyone for that matter, should never be asked to jeopardize their conscience, but they should also not be allowed to discriminate in the public square based upon their faith. Over all else, love must prevail.

Young boy holding hands and looking through chain-link fence

Summer Camp from Hell: Children Behind Fences

By Mitch Randall | June 27, 2019

How we treat children – any child – reveals the moral conscience of our culture. When we separate children from their parents, place them in cages, imprison them at military bases and withhold services, we have lost our souls.

Light bulb inside thought bubble outline on chalkboard

Cultivating 6 Spiritual Ecosystems for the Future

By Mitch Randall | June 20, 2019

Faced with shrinking resources and dwindling loyalty, many denominational entities have settled into survival mode. However, we can still cultivate future spiritual ecosystems from the incubator of history. Here are 6.

Woman facing the sunrise

Church, We Have a Problem: White Patriarchalism

By Mitch Randall | June 14, 2019

The U.S. church needs a reality check. For 2,000 years, the Western church has been dominated by a white European patriarchy that has created a self-perpetuating system for a favored class. But there’s hope. A new dawn is rising.