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America at a Critical Crossroads

By Mitch Randall | June 2, 2020

People of good faith need to stand boldly for racial justice and denounce the evils of racism and white supremacy.

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Jonathan Hemmings, pastor in Jamaica, is interviewed by executive director Mitch Randall about what happens when the church really meets Jesus.

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High Holidays and Obscured Holy Days

By James L. Evans | February 13, 2002

Holy days are important in the life of any faith tradition. They are essential to asserting and maintaining faith identity. That’s why Muslim, Jewish and Hindu worshipers were angry a few years back. Southern Baptist leaders encouraged their constituents to seek converts from among these three faith traditions during the celebration of their highest holy […]

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Baptist Church Begins Lent by “Burning of Burdens”

By Jodi Mathews | February 13, 2002

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Lenten season for the western church. Typically celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church and other liturgical denominations, Ash Wednesday is meant to remind participants of their mortality and call them to repentance in preparation for Lent and the celebration of Christ’s resurrection. For more than 10 years, Glendale […]

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Cotton Patch for the Kingdom

By Robert Parham | February 13, 2002

Every good Baptist needs to read Cotton Patch for the Kingdom, the newest book about Clarence Jordan and Koinonia Farm. It’s a painful reminder of the racial meanness that oozed from Baptist churches, and a hopeful witness of what God can do with a transformed life. It’s a painful reminder of the racial meanness that […]

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Dealing with Denominational Grief

By Keith Herron | February 13, 2002

Loss—even denominational loss—brings grief. The Baptist family has been caught up in theological and political skirmishes since 1979. The resulting denominational fragmentation is a form of loss that causes grief. Wayne Oates, a Baptist pastoral counselor, wrote about grief in the 1950s, outlining a progression of its stages: the shocking blow of the loss the […]

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We’re at War: Facing Change with Courage, Faith and Creativity

By Eddie Hammett | February 13, 2002

How have your life, church, family, business and community changed since Sept. 11th? In many instances people will readily discuss the changes in their lives, businesses, communities and even families. But rarely do we acknowledge how our church has changed since Sept. 11th.  If your church hasn’t changed, I would ask some serious questions. When […]

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