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Familiar Woes Echo from Santa Clarita Schoolyard Rampage

By Ken Sehested | November 15, 2019

Another shooting. This time in a Santa Clarita schoolyard. So the ritual begins. The press conference. The calls for prayer. ‘Never again’ echoed once again. Cable news pontifications. Promises from politicians. And nothing is done.

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Jonathan Hemmings, pastor in Jamaica, is interviewed by executive director Mitch Randall about what happens when the church really meets Jesus.

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5 Ways Your Church Can Assist Our Nation’s Farmers

By Mitch Randall | November 14, 2019
Farmer operating tractor in field

Farmers are the backbone of our food supply, working long hours to bring food to our tables. As farmers and their families are struggling, churches can begin to engage in tangible efforts to help them in at least five ways.

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For Many in Extreme Poverty, God is Their Strength to Cope

By Rupen Das | November 14, 2019
Arm with ‘fear not’ tattoo

In spite of the promises of politicians and efforts of aid workers, the poor have no illusions about how deeply imbedded injustice is within the social and political systems of society. For many of them, God is their strength to cope.

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‘Learning Poverty’ Negatively Impacts Children Worldwide

By Staff | November 14, 2019
Children in impoverished classroom

A majority of children in low- and middle-income nations are experiencing ‘learning poverty,’ a report said. Around 53% of children in these nations, and up to 80% of children in the poorest nations, are learning poor.

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GI Bill’s Benefits Didn’t Include Many African American Vets

By Hannah McMahan King | November 13, 2019
Middle-aged African American male standing outside

Following World War II, the GI Bill helped many veterans go to school, secure a well-paying job and buy a home. Those benefits, however, only extended to white Americans and excluded many African Americans.

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A Dual Approach for Christians to Make a Difference to the Poor

By John Daugherty | November 13, 2019
Woman providing drink of bottled water to girl

Jesus was crystal-clear about his concern for the poor, marginalized and the powerless. How do we as Jesus followers actually make a difference among our poor neighbors? A two-pronged approach is essential.

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