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Interested in How Your Church Can Address Racism?

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  • When Will Churches Begin to Reflect Racial Diversity?
  • Recognizing Hidden Racism's Grip on Our Society
  • The Church Will Never End Racism by Ignoring It

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Thousands of people were killed in just a few days in 1966. The death toll would have been much higher if Christian missionaries hadn't taken action to save lives.

The Disturbances chronicles the role Christian missionaries and Nigerian pastors played saving lives in Nigeria in 1966 during tribal atrocities.

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Calling All Social Justice Investors and Practitioners

We're seeking courageous investors who want to combine theoretical & applied ethics into an ecumenical Christian movement for social justice.

Featured Resource

The Disturbances: A Documentary about Missionaries Saving Lives Amid Genocide

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4 Suggestions on How We Can Improve Clergy Mental Health

By Paula Shurden Batts | May 21, 2020
Therapist listening to client

Clergy are more open today to seeking help for mental health issues. And when churches speak openly about mental health, they reduce the mystery and stigma for everyone, including their ministers. Consider these four suggestions.

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How Coronavirus Affects Your Mental Health and What You Can Do

By Cate Schilling | May 18, 2020
Man wearing mask staying inside

While suffering is inevitable in life, our suffering caused by this global pandemic is unlike any we’ve experienced during our lifetimes. We’ve heard about maintaining our physical health, but we cannot neglect our mental health.

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Her Fight: How Many Pastors’ Spouses Deal with Depression

By Patrick Broaddus | May 21, 2020
Lonely woman staring out windows

Choosing to be married to a pastor is hard. Many spouses deal with depression. The church needs to come to a fuller understanding of the often unrealistic expectations and pressures placed on ministers and their families.

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7 Issues Your Family Must Navigate During COVID-19 Crisis

By Kristyn Arnold | May 19, 2020
Parents and daughter outside wearing masks

During this global pandemic, every family must learn to function in a world challenged by a shared contagious enemy and an economy built on unstable consumerism. All of us are struggling through these seven emotions and topics.

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Proverbial Good Guy Finally Wakes Up to His White Privilege

By Martin Saunders | May 14, 2020
Man listening in front of chalkboard

It took me 40 years to accept my privilege as a white, middle-class man. I thought I was one of the good guys, but we live in a system historically skewed to favor my gender. Here’s what shook me out of my bubble.

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COVID-19 Pandemic Highlights Persistent Injustices

By Dale K. Edmondson | May 5, 2020
sun shining through clouds

The global pandemic is an apocalypse – in the sense of an unveiling of persistent injustices around the world. Being forced to see that which is often ignored should elicit a response from people of conscience.

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Heart Unity: Gandhi’s Insights for Building Strong Interfaith Relations

By Veena Howard | April 29, 2020
Hands in a circle on a white table

Gandhi’s concept of ‘heart unity’ offers insight on constructive interfaith engagement. His inclusive approach is a model for developing personal character and social harmony.

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Quelling Your Noisy Heart During the Coronavirus Storm

By G. Wade Rowatt | April 20, 2020
Flourish Center for Congregational Imagination

Until you deal with the noise and darker emotions in your inner self, you will be less able to care for others affected by the coronavirus. You have an ethical responsibility not to wound others with unexamined, untended emotions.

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Interfaith Efforts Can Help Break Down ‘Religious Distancing’

By IMES Staff | April 27, 2020
Hand tree with hands for leaves

While social distancing is helping us respond to the COVID-19 crisis, ‘religious distancing’ causes individuals and communities of faith to respond to fear and anxiety toward the ‘religious other’ by isolating themselves from them.

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Interreligious Relations Must Become Imperative, Not a Sidebar

By John T. Pawlikowski | April 28, 2020
Five linked hands forming circle

Christians, as well as all others, must recognize they have something new to learn about God and the meaning and role of religion from traditions other than their own. Interreligious encounter must become an imperative.

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