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Interested in How Your Church Can Address Racism?

Check out our recent article series on this topic:

  • When Will Churches Begin to Reflect Racial Diversity?
  • Recognizing Hidden Racism's Grip on Our Society
  • The Church Will Never End Racism by Ignoring It

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Thousands of people were killed in just a few days in 1966. The death toll would have been much higher if Christian missionaries hadn't taken action to save lives.

The Disturbances chronicles the role Christian missionaries and Nigerian pastors played saving lives in Nigeria in 1966 during tribal atrocities.

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Calling All Social Justice Investors and Practitioners

We're seeking courageous investors who want to combine theoretical & applied ethics into an ecumenical Christian movement for social justice.

Featured Resource

The Disturbances: A Documentary about Missionaries Saving Lives Amid Genocide

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Emerging Voices | Welcoming Your Muslim Neighbor

By Christian McIvor | March 21, 2019

With anti-Muslim attacks on the rise in the U.S., Christians must offer a more loving way by unconditionally extending radical hospitality to all people of all faiths, in all places, at all times, throughout all of creation.

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She Matters: Providing Hope, Opportunity to Women Globally

By Jennifer Lau | March 6, 2019

Women and girls suffer disproportionately from poverty, human rights violations and violence, which is why Canadian Baptist Ministries launched She Matters to help educate, equip and empower them.

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After LGBTQ Decision, United Methodists at a Crossroads

By Tiffany A. Nagel Monroe | March 1, 2019

With a difference of only 54 votes, United Methodists chose to continue to enforce its ban on LGBTQ clergy and same-sex marriage, placing the divided denomination at a crossroads.

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Baptist, Catholic Congregations Unite to Save the Planet

By Alex Lockridge | March 12, 2019

Baptists and Catholics aren’t always known for working together, but they united in a rural Kentucky church with a single-minded goal: Save the planet. And they learned one easy step you can take to slow down climate change.

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Against Permitless Carry? ‘I Hope You Die,’ Church Member Says

By Shannon Fleck | February 25, 2019

Just as a person has the right to carry a gun, a person has the right not to and still be safe. What is it about guns in the U.S. that has turned faithful followers of Jesus Christ into those wishing for violent death?

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Global Peace Conference Features Stories of Nonviolence

By LeDayne McLeese Polaski | February 27, 2019

People all over the world confront evil effectively without turning to violence, and most often we are looking elsewhere. You can hear those stories at the Global Baptist Peace Conference in July in Colombia.

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For Lent, Why Not Make This a Fantastic (Less Plastic) World?

By Roo Stewart | March 4, 2019

Lent is often seen as a chance to break “bad habits.” You could use those 40 days of focused preparation for Easter by committing to go without single-use plastic.

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Creating Sacred Space for Conversations on Abortion

By Susan Chorley | February 20, 2019

The noise of the religious and political fight on abortion stifles the stories of those who have experienced them. With its “pro-voice” stance, Exhale offers a safe and confidential space to all women who have experienced abortion.

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Why Social Justice, the Kingdom of God Go Hand in Hand

By Colin Holtz | February 18, 2019

Although many conservative white evangelicals decry social justice, using terms like “social justice warrior” as a pejorative, it’s impossible to separate it from the Kingdom of God. Let’s explore what the Bible means by justice.

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Finding Goodness in Others: The Mark of True Peacemakers

By Bryan Carey | February 25, 2019

What’s needed to be a true peacemaker? You must be willing to seek to find goodness and beauty even from those of another faith, who are unlike you or may disagree with you. And you must be openly and humbly self-reflective.

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