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Thousands of people were killed in just a few days in 1966. The death toll would have been much higher if Christian missionaries hadn't taken action to save lives.

The Disturbances chronicles the role Christian missionaries and Nigerian pastors played saving lives in Nigeria in 1966 during tribal atrocities.

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Calling All Social Justice Investors and Practitioners

We're seeking courageous investors who want to combine theoretical & applied ethics into an ecumenical Christian movement for social justice.

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The Disturbances: A Documentary about Missionaries Saving Lives Amid Genocide

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When You’re Forgiven, Take Responsibility to Repent

By Cory Jones | October 11, 2019
Potter’s hands molding clay vessel

Offering forgiveness is commendable. However, those who receive forgiveness must begin to accept responsibility for their behavior. At some point, the guardians of systemic racism, of unjust systems, of white supremacy have to repent.

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Don’t Expect the Extraordinary to Become the ‘New’ Ordinary

By Randy Greene | October 7, 2019
Man ripping shirt to reveal Superman costume

When we witness someone display a moment of extraordinary grace or strength, we must avoid setting that as the precedent for them or others. We can appreciate super-human effort but must still see normal-human effort as valuable.

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Southern Baptist Sexual Abuse: Did Leaders Learn Anything?

By Dee Miller | October 2, 2019
Woman holding up hand in protection

As crowds gather this week for a Southern Baptist conference addressing sexual abuse in its churches, have leaders learned any lessons? They didn’t almost 25 years ago when they sought to cover up the crisis. Why would they today?

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U:21 | When Old Testament Women Demanded Their Rights

By Addie Shelton | October 3, 2019
Artwork depicting daughters of Zelophehad

It’s an often-overlooked Old Testament account. Standing up to authority in a male-dominated society, the daughters of Zelophehad challenged an unjust law, scoring a victory for a woman’s right to inherit property.

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Search Process Can Trigger Depression for Some Ministers

By Drew Patton | October 7, 2019
Depressed man sitting alone on sofa

More than twice as many pastors struggle with depression compared to the national rate. When churches search for a new pastor, the process can exacerbate and trigger those who are already more prone to depression.

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Music Matters | Why Music is Indispensable in Worship

By Nathan Myrick | September 25, 2019
Sheet music resting on piano keys

Because music is an indispensable and powerful part of our worship, some believe we should regulate and check it for orthodoxy and theological coherence. We need to be sure we’re singing the right things. Well, not so fast.

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Ministry Helps Refugees, Immigrants Find Long-Term Housing

By Kim and Marc Wyatt | September 23, 2019
Kim and Mark Wyatt with resident at Welcome House

Welcome House Raleigh is a temporary housing ministry for refugees and immigrants seeking a long-term housing solution. A team of vetted volunteers offers hospitality, settlement assistance and assimilation into the community.

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Navid’s Journey: A Welcome to His New Home – Part 3

By Laura Beth Bugg | September 26, 2019
Church group at Welcome House

Once Navid knew he would be leaving the offshore refugee camp near Australia for his new home in the US, a community of people and churches began to work to welcome him upon his arrival.

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Navid’s Journey: How a Doorway Opened to the US – Part 2

By Laura Beth Bugg | September 25, 2019
Church group at Welcome House

Stuck in a repressive Australian offshore processing center for refugees, Navid learned he had been approved for a resettlement program to the US. Many obstacles had to be overcome, but God unlocked each one.

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Navid’s Journey: A Dangerous Flight from Iran – Part 1

By Laura Beth Bugg | September 24, 2019
Church group at Welcome House

Navid grew up in a Muslim family in Iran but decided he wanted to become a Christian, a decision that led to him being beaten and tortured by government police. He knew he had to flee the country.

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