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Reflection and resources at the intersection of culture and faith through an inclusive Christian lens.

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R. Mitch Randall
Chief Executive Officer

Currently Executive Director,
Baptist Center for Ethics /


Autumn Lockett
Executive Director of Development & Marketing


John Pierce
Executive Editor / Publisher

Currently Executive Editor / Publisher,
Nurturing Faith / Baptists Today

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“The Eula Mae and John Baugh Foundation is proud to offer our enthusiastic support for this new venture that will be a significant tool to help people of faith as they respond to their individual and collective calls to make a positive impact in their own communities and connect them to others.” 

- Jackie Baugh Moore
Vice President, Eula Mae and John Baugh Foundation

“Good Faith Media is greater than the sum of its two parts. This combined and expanded team is well equipped to provide more high-quality resources and experiences than ever before.” 

- John Pierce,
Executive Editor/Publisher of Good Faith Media,
Former Executive Editor/Publisher of Nurturing Faith

"I felt isolated and distraught by a faith culture that didn't see the injustices in our world, but Nurturing Faith and EthicsDaily provided a network of believers who are asking the tough questions. Good Faith Media combines their efforts to seek social justice and empower all of us to be the good."

- Autumn Lockett,
Executive Director of Development & Marketing of Good Faith Media

"Good Faith Media brings together two historic organizations, creating a new entity dedicated to providing the very best reflections and resources for individuals, churches, organizations and institutions. Good Faith Media will be a trusted and reliable resource for people of faith finding themselves at the intersection of culture and faith."

- Mitch Randall,
CEO of Good Faith Media,
Former Executive Director of Baptist Center for Ethics /

"I’m excited about the potential for Good Faith Media to serve as a platform for ethical reflection and interaction for all individuals of faith to advance the common good."

- Kevin Heifner, M.D.,
Board Chair of Baptist Center for Ethics /

"This new media enterprise harnesses the strengths of Nurturing Faith and, strengths enhanced by strategic partnerships with Good God Podcasts, CBF and the Center for Healthy Churches, to form something altogether new that has the potential to be a significant voice in the progressive Baptist movement."

- David Turner,
Senior Pastor, Central Baptist Church, Richmond, Virginia

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