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The Disturbances

“The Disturbances” chronicles the role Christian missionaries played saving lives in Nigeria in 1966. Missionaries of various denominations were working in the country when tribal killing followed military coups, and the missionaries were in a tough spot: As foreigners, they were to “stay out of politics,” but their Christianity and humanity sparked their actions in the conflict.

One Nigerian woman wrote to her missionary Bible teacher in Jos about what had occurred. She repeatedly used the word "disturbances."

The clincher, however, was the word and the shorthand "symbol" for the word found in the minutes of a meeting only days after the atrocities subsided. The symbol is jarring. The symbol and the word carry a sense of mystery.

What a faithful commitment to that "life of sacrifice" can look like.

An inspiring glimpse into the lives of missionary families who served the Lord under unimaginably difficult circumstances.

- Jack Hornet, New York Rhymes

A story of heroism in the face of genocide

In learning from the witness of the believers in "The Disturbances," we can find inspiration to accompany the oppressed, facing evil and violence with the gospel of love and peace - to the glory of God and our neighbors' good.

- Jack Hornet, New York Rhymes

Bringing light to a horrible period that has faded into history

"It was very much overlooked," Cowley said. "We just didn't talk about it. It was very painful to remember. We didn't want to be perceived as taking sides. That could have been interpreted as being involved politically. That's not why were there."

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