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Gospel Without Borders

Gospel Without Borders brings more light and less heat to the issue of immigration. It separates myth from fact, examines what the Bible says about treatment of the "stranger," shows the experiences of documented and undocumented immigrants, and provides handles for Christians to advance the common good.

The documentary highlights stories in five states: Arizona, Arkansas, North Carolina, Alabama and Iowa. Some stories break the heart. Others inspire the spirit. Still others challenge the mind. But all come together and show that the Christian gospel is indeed without borders.

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"Rising out of the compassion of Christian leaders, Gospel Without Borders is a timely documentary responding to one of the most humanly compelling challenges of our time: the massive migration of peoples in this globalized world. The production presents the real effect on individuals and families and the ecumenical response by Christian communities. Through Gospel Without Borders, we will deepen our understanding of the plight of our brothers and sisters and for the need to stand in solidarity by advocating on behalf of migrants and their families to humanize existing immigration laws." 

- Luis Rafael Zarama, Auxiliary Bishop
Roman Catholic Archniocese of Atlanta

"This is not the first time that immigration has been a hot button issue in this country, but that doesn't calm the rhetoric or emotions for today's playing of the immigration tape. Without question, the new influx of people is alive with political and national implications. But even a casual reader of the Bible will be aware that hospitality is an expectation for the family of God. Putting these together into one tapestry is the challenge for us today. The immigration issue is like a picture in the process of being painted. All the strokes of the brush have not been laid upon the canvas and all the color is not yet added, but Gospel Without Borders adds both strokes and color to the evolving response. People of faith will find this documentary both informative and spiritually challenging as they continue their quest for understanding and resolution."

- Robert H. Spain, Retired Bishop
United Methodist Church

"While lawmakers in Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Oklahoma, and other states were pushing bills that cracked down on undocumented immigrants, was producing a documentary that will motivate Christians to respond to the biblical mandate to care for the stranger in our midst. Gospel Without Borders deserves wide viewing and discussions in every congregation, Sunday School class, and Christian home in America. It will surprise you." 

- Bruce Prescott, Executive Director
Mainstream Oklahoma Baptists

"Americans are in the midst of an immigration crisis that hits at the heart of our faiths but rarely is about the soul and goodness of the immigrants. Gospel Without Borders challenges crowds to dig deeply into their humanity, dust off their Bibles, and finally answer the question about what Jesus would actually do with the strangers among us." 

-C. Douglas Smith, President and CEO
Virginia Interfaith Center

"Documentaries are a dime a dozen ... Gospel Without Borders is an exception ... It is set against the backdrop of five states, five issues of immigration, the law of the land and the grace of Jesus Christ, offering a panoramic view that is unparalleled by any other documentary regarding immigration reform. As the documentary follows the lives of "strangers in our land," it debunks myths ... and confronts the believer with the sobering question, "What would Jesus do?" I am convinced this is a must for communities of faith to view, engage in the conversation and accept the challenge of beginning the change that this nation so desperately needs."

- Ricky O. Creech, Executive Director/Minister
District of Columbia Baptist Convention

"The immigration issue has reached a fevered pitch in the United States. Opinions are strong on every front. Many Christians struggle with how to reconcile a desire to uphold the law and the call to welcome, love and minister to the sojourner among them. Fueling the debate is the lack of information and misinformation. Gospel Without Borders dispels various myths while also sharing real life stories of individuals, families, churches and communities affected by and responding to the immigration issue in America. The American Baptist Home Mission Societies, in partnership with and other Christian denominational partners, strongly endorses this film as a resource for congregations to facilitate reasoned and compassionate dialogue about immigration awareness and reform."

- Aidsand F. Wright-Riggins III, Executive Director
American Baptist Home Mission Societies

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