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Different Books, Common Word

From Boston to the Bible Belt and from Beaumont to the nation's beltway, Baptists and Muslims are changing history with the way they engage each other. Tired of being defined by extremists, some Baptists and Muslims in the United States have sought and found common ground: the common word in both traditions to love neighbor. The courageous Baptists and Muslims in "Different Books, Common Word" will surprise you.

The hour-long documentary follows five stories of interfaith dialogue and action among Baptists and Muslims – two faith traditions often popularly characterized by their extremists.

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"During my years of meeting Muslim believers around the world, I have been impressed with the many things we have in common in our beliefs. People of every faith have the challenge to deal with the divisive and destructive attitudes of extremism. ... 'Different Books, Common Word: Baptists and Muslims' will enhance our efforts to serve God in a troubled world. I am sure that this teaching tool, which shares actual experiences of those of different faiths respecting each other as they look for ways to work together, will be of great benefit to us all."

- Jimmy Carter, Former U.S. President
Atlanta, GA

"'Different Books, Common Word: Baptists and Muslims' manages to avoid oversimplification of today's most important and controversial debate, all-the-while staying away from both demonization and idealization. Though surprised by the kindness and grace discovered in each other, Christians and Muslims in the documentary are not blind to the bigotry of some of those who claim adherence to the same faith as the one they follow. I hope that this documentary will be used to illustrate and support sermons, Sunday school lessons, Friday addresses, and seminary classes, motivating the Church and the Mosque into demonstrations of practical love towards one another all over the world, so that when our extremists attempt to captivate our communities with their brash characterization of 'the evil other,' we will be inclined to stand up and say: 'Thank you for sharing, but my own experience finds no affinity in your discourse.'"

-Martin Accad, Associate Professor of Islamic Studies
Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Beirut, Lebanon
School of Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California

"I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude for your documentary on Baptist and Muslim relations. I strongly recommend the documentary. It is coming at a crucial time where fear and mistrust are unfortunately the dominant realities in Baptist-Muslim relationship. The documentary is an important educational tool that will allow us to step beyond fear and mistrust and start an honest engagement based on our common love of God and neighbor. The labeling of every Muslim as a terrorist is a disservice to Muslims around the world, but especially to Muslim neighbors in American cities and communities."

- M. Imad Damaj, President
Virginia Muslim Coalition for Public Affairs

"I just finished watching 'Different Books, Common Word' and was impressed with the balance, honesty, and grace of the presentation. It was very clear from those who were interviewed that having different faith perspectives did not negate some common human needs and desires. Thank you for a refreshing look at how people from different cultures and different religious traditions can work together positively and constructively. This is an important word to a divided world."

- Phil Lineberger, Pastor
Williams Trace Baptist Church - Sugarland, TX

"'Different Books, Common Word' provides a compelling antidote to adversarial framings of Christian-Muslim relations in our nation. The film introduces us to real-world interactions between Baptists and Muslims that humanize both communities. It clearly shows that when religious leaders earnestly seek to abide by the teachings of Jesus and Muhammad, they have the power to enhance peace and mutual respect in our society. This film should be seen in every church and mosque so that congregations can reconsider their assumptions and work towards greater harmony and cooperation based on shared core values."

- Shabbir Mansuri, Founding Director
Insitute of Religion and Civic Values — Fountain Valley, California

"When September 11, 2001 happened, and Christians were struggling to know how to respond midst the horror and confusion, our church discovered that we had no relationship with and very little knowledge about the Muslim community in Kansas City or anywhere. Since then, except for inclusive prayer and preaching and the occasional interfaith panel, little has changed. What good news to see that some Baptists have done better. 'Different Books, Common Word: Baptists and Muslims' tells five powerful and hopeful stories of Baptists and Muslims who, together, have broken through barriers of prejudice, ignorance, apathy and fear to show us all a way to the world we long for. ... These are stories of Baptists at their best. This excellent documentary avoids blame and guilt. It teaches, touches and inspires. We are guided by the wisdom and courage of everyday prophets among us. If every Baptist church would see this film, the world could change."

- Heather Entrekin, Pastor
Prairie Baptist Church —Prairie Village, Kansas

" has produced another timely documentary. If ever there was a time when Baptists and Muslims needed to begin genuine relationships and dialogue it is today... I am grateful for the leadership of the staff in producing this documentary. I hope you will watch your ABC listings for the times when it will air in your area."

- Jim Hill, Executive Director
Baptist General Convention of Missouri

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