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a man helping another man up with a sun behind them

Being Doers of the Word

A 13-lesson study of the book of James to help people who profess the faith back it up with love-based actions – and expect nothing in return.

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Courageous Churches

A 13-lesson study of courageous biblical leaders, including Abram, Jesus and Miriam. It discusses the identity of the local church and the qualities enabling congregations to risk on behalf of the gospel.

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Doing the Will of God

A 13-lesson study in the Gospel of Matthew, which examines how the gospel frames the way we understand and live God's will.

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Eyeing Easter, Walking Through Lent

An 8-lesson study that guides readers through the season of Lent by reflecting on the Psalms, with an emphasis on the witness and work of Baptists.

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Five Lessons for Advent

A 5-lesson study exploring the Advent themes – hope, peace joy and love – from a biblical basis with a practical application.

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Genesis: The Creation of Relationships

A 6-lesson study on the creation of relationships that focuses on Genesis 1-11 and reflects on the relationships between God, creation and humanity.

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God's Purpose in Prayer

A 13-lesson study that uses examples from some of the oldest biblical texts to help users guide their words and hearts while gaining new insights into God's purposes in prayer.

the ten commandments

Honoring the Ten Commandments

A 13-lesson study that explores how people of faith can honor the Ten Commandments through lives that uphold them.


In the Beginning

A 13-lesson study of Genesis that explores how God does what is necessary to confront, challenge and convict people to live faithfully and redemptively.

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Leading Churches into 21st Century Missions

A 13-lesson study of Acts that explores how local churches can be the center and primary agent of 21st- century global missions.

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Living Wisely, Living Well

A 13-lesson study of Proverbs that examines the source of wisdom and ways to live a wise life.

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Looking At Leadership

A 13-lesson study from 1 and 2 Kings that examines traits of faithful leaders, actions of failed leaders and knotty experiences for leaders using accounts from 1 and 2 Kings.
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Questions Jesus Asked

A 13-lesson study of Luke’s Gospel that considers Jesus' questions as recorded in the Gospel of Luke.

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Real Baptists

A 13-lesson study of the Baptist Faith and Message that addresses pressing issues from a biblical, Baptist perspective, including a focus on Baptist distinctives.

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Standing At The Crossroads

A 4-lesson study of Christian moral decision-making designed to help Christians make better decisions by understanding obstacles, using the Bible appropriately, asking the right questions and building a framework.
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The Agenda

An 8-Lesson study of Luke 4 that includes discussions of community, economics and prophetic witness.

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The Practice of Living Faithfully

A 13-lesson study that considers "faith think," "faith practice" and "faith talk,” addressing discernment, simplicity, judgment and more.

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Walk His Way

A 13-lesson study of Mark’s Gospel that explores how Jesus taught discipleship – not through rituals and rules, but through love.
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Walking in the Good Way

A 4-lesson study on Christian ethics and discipleship that is designed for Christians who hope to share a more positive future.