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While churches rightly celebrate the birth of a child, they must also make space for those who suffer from postpartum mood disorders to receive support without guilt. Churches must shift how they talk about mental health. […] Read More

As the popular bumper sticker urges us, coexisting with other religions is a noble and worthy goal. It’s admittedly hard to achieve, however. Especially when we have such a hard time getting along with folks in our own religion. […] Read More

We don’t like to have conversations about difficult topics in church. When done right, they can lead to refreshed ministries, deeper trust and greater opportunities for new connections and further gospel reach. […] Read More

Conceding all of the problems with much of “purity culture” and its aftermath, it is disheartening to see that the best EthicsDaily can offer is a call to abandon the church’s historic teaching on sexual ethics. […] Read More

While many churches and religious institutions refuse to affirm LGBTQ persons as fully loved and accepted by God, individual Baptists everywhere already know, understand, practice and preach God’s abundant love. […] Read More

When dealing with homelessness, some people are “naïve do-gooders” while others are “harsh enforcers.” These groups must join forces and focus on the homeless people themselves, not just the perspective of their positions. […] Read More

Spiritualities of the Ascent. Spiritualities of the Descent. Spiritualities of Maintenance. Taken together, they teach us to train our eyes upward, not forget to look downward and keep our feet planted firmly on the ground. […] Read More

Many Muslims look forward to Ramadan and speak of joy and spiritual anticipation. It reminds all Americans that our nation’s religious freedom, tolerance and diversity are our nation’s greatest strengths. […] Read More

Many churches are now transitioning from having a fully funded pastor to a bivocational pastor. Such transitions often fail because of unrealistic expectations placed on the pastor. Here are 3 of the most common ones. […] Read More

Visioning was popular in churches back in their heyday before 2000. Visioning still has its place, but using outdated visioning processes ends up positioning us to be effective 1980s-type churches. Here’s where to focus. […] Read More