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With many of us practicing social distancing, COVID-19 is taking a toll. For some, depression will inevitably set in. Should you begin to feel depressed, practice some of these steps to engage your mind, body and soul. […] Read More

Many Baptists are wary of liturgical worship. While we were not made for ritual, we were made to follow Christ. The rituals remind us of who we are, where we came from and where we’re headed. The traditions give us direction. […] Read More

Your world is spinning out of control. Massive changes, shutdowns, chaos and fear increase your insecurity. Life may not return to normal, but you can strengthen your mental health so you can get close enough to get by. […] Read More

Many people are wrestling with the loss of loved ones as COVID-19 spreads around the world, but the final cruelty of the pandemic is its forced separation from those we love, just when we need togetherness the most. […] Read More

As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, people of good faith must set the example by offering a hopeful vision that unites the generations. We won’t make progress by leaving others behind. We’re all in this together. […] Read More

As a Texas politician proposed elders sacrifice themselves to stave off an economic collapse, his words expose a pervasive idolatry of our world: elevating money over the lives of people. Instead, let’s heed the words of Oscar Romero. […] Read More

During these days of quarantine or ‘physical distancing,’ all of our emotions are ‘all over the map’ during the COVID-19 crisis. Our emotional flow is like a four-way intersection, but the pandemic has turned off the traffic lights. […] Read More

The church, across the ages, has often been at its best in the face of its most challenging moments. The COVID-19 virus will be no different. In our darkest moments, the lights of faith, hope and love shine brightest. […] Read More

With moneyed corporate interests seeking an opportunity to cash in on a federal government economic relief package, let’s remember what we can do to benefit the common good and the average citizen. Here are 4 ideas. […] Read More

With the COVID-19 virus spreading a global crisis, congregations face a future radically different from what they imagined at the dawn of 2020. This dual crisis of health and finances could hit churches hard where they are weakest. […] Read More