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The West African nation of Ghana has been on partial lockdown since late March. Schools are closed. Many are unable to work. Food costs have increased. As the lockdown continues, the need to help deprived and needy families will grow. […] Read More

Our society loves superheroes, but the real heroes are ordinary folks who don’t don capes. They have a moral vision. Their singular superpower is the determination to create a better world through audacious choices and actions. […] Read More

As we weather the COVID-19 crisis, research about the impact of unprecedented seclusion upon children is bleak. You can’t help but empathize with children and families. This ‘account’ shares the perspective from a kid’s eye view. […] Read More

A pandemic is blazing across our society. This one isn’t COVID-19. This virus infects the soul of the populace and blinds it to what in our more peaceful times we embrace as truth. It’s a pandemic of intentional misinformation. […] Read More

To honor her late husband’s memory and to recognize outstanding doctor of ministry students, Carol Bratton endowed a scholarship at Logsdon Seminary. With the seminary closing, her refund request was dismissed with laughter. […] Read More

Liberal and progressive politicians and clergy are more dangerous to the cause of justice than their neoconservative counterparts. Their fruits may be pleasing, but they can be just as damaging to the welfare of the oppressed. […] Read More

Clergy are more open today to seeking help for mental health issues. And when churches speak openly about mental health, they reduce the mystery and stigma for everyone, including their ministers. Consider these four suggestions. […] Read More

Choosing to be married to a pastor is hard. Many spouses deal with depression. The church needs to come to a fuller understanding of the often unrealistic expectations and pressures placed on ministers and their families. […] Read More

With milestones like marriage and degrees pushed later into life, young adults are plunged into ‘emerging adulthood.’ This new stage brings with it challenges and mental health problems that previous generations never faced. […] Read More

Most churches have taken a significant financial hit from the COVID-19 health crisis, but some have seen their giving hold up and even increase. How did they do it? Check out these three trends most of these churches have in common. […] Read More