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I dreamed I was at a denominational meeting, where male colleagues silenced and shamed me. When dreams reveal our deepest hurts and our deepest joys, perhaps these dreams are not dreams at all but visions of the divine. […] Read More

God’s justice and forgiveness are interwoven in the cloth of the gospel. Yet ever since the time of the prophets we’ve needed to clarify for each generation the call to justice. Here are 10 reasons justice is central to the gospel. […] Read More

Betty Jane Crandall is an unlikely lawbreaker. The 80-year-old retired elementary school teacher and preschool Sunday school teacher was handcuffed for committing an act of civil disobedience to call attention to the climate crisis. […] Read More

Be afraid. While fear shouldn’t rule us, we should have reasonable fear of the reasonably possible. Reckless drivers, human-caused climate change or active shooters. And of government leaders turning our democracy into an autocracy. […] Read More

Whether human-cause or naturally occurring, climate events have a unique connection to religion. Time and again, significant movements or transitions in religious history are linked to smaller or middling climate events. […] Read More

First Baptist Church of Decatur, Georgia, was asked to leave the Atlanta Metro Baptist Association for ordaining a deacon who is gay. The association’s action diminishes, even dismisses, the depth, breadth and power of Jesus’ love. […] Read More

America’s citizens are divided. Some will vote for anyone but Trump. Others will vote for ‘the lesser of two evils.’ We need to talk about who we want to be as Americans. Until then, perhaps we need an interim president. […] Read More

The words of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, two iconic leaders we honor on Presidents Day, reflect deeper qualities of character defining the presidency as a service to the people based on integrity, morality and reverence. […] Read More

Even as US Christians today exercise immense economic, military and cultural power, an example from a Latin American ministry in the ’60s shows what can happen when they give up power to develop strong Latin leadership. […] Read More

Overcoming and healing social divisions in the US requires all of us. To stop and reverse this social-fragmentation trend, we must hold our leaders to a higher standard that humanizes the basic dignity of those on the other side. […] Read More