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A Baptist church in India has found creative ways to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of its community during the pandemic, including providing food to poor families and the homeless. […] Read More

How long does the average sermon last? Well, that depends on what side of the pulpit you’re on, a new report says. Church members are more likely to report a longer average sermon time than their pastors. […] Read More

Good Faith Media has suspended the six-episode narrative podcast “Brother Molly,” about the life and work of theologian Molly T. Marshall. […] Read More

The latest edition of Nurturing Faith Journal is being made available to individuals and churches for the cost of shipping. Contact NF’s Managing Editor Jackie Riley to have a copy mailed to you. […] Read More

Good Faith Media, initially scheduled to launch in June 2020, will now launch in July. Factors in the delay include the ongoing pandemic, GFM events in June that were cancelled, and the benefit of an extra month to fine tune […] Read More

Potential costs keep some U.S. adults from seeking medical care for symptoms associated with COVID-19, a new survey found. This corroborates earlier polling data about postponed health care visits and procedures due to financial considerations. […] Read More

Most U.S. states exempt houses of faith from public gathering prohibitions, while lawsuits concerning restrictions have been filed on First Amendment grounds. Faith leaders weigh in on the balance between religious freedom and public health. […] Read More

For the first time in LifeWay Research’s polling on the subject, a majority of U.S. Protestant pastors affirmed that global warming is taking place and that it is human-caused. […] Read More

A six-episode documentary podcast on the life and work of theologian Molly T. Marshall, titled ‘Brother Molly,’ will be released on May 12. It will be available for free at and popular podcasting platforms. […] Read More

With more than two decades of experience in faith-based journalism, Mark Wingfield, associate pastor at Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, has been named executive director and publisher at Baptist News Global. He begins July 1. […] Read More