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America’s expanding waistline and worsening health have triggered the call for a health campaign akin to the one waged against tobacco. “When I look at what’s going on with obesity, it reminds me of what was going on with tobacco in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s when there was a lot of emphasis on personal […] Read More

Prison reform has captured headlines, triggered partly by the death of Watergate figure Chuck Colson, who founded Prison Fellowship Ministries, but mostly by legislative actions at the state level. Social justice advocates and fiscal conservatives are agreeing that the rates of recidivism are too high and the fiscal demands are breaking budgets. The system isn’t […] Read More

Heartland Institute put up an inflammatory ad on a digital billboard in Chicago that associated those who believe in climate change with mass murderers. “The most prominent advocates of global warming aren’t scientists,” claimed the institute’s president, Joseph Bast, in a press release. “They are CharlesManson, a mass murderer; FidelCastro, a tyrant; and TedKaczynski, the […] Read More

Alex Awad spoke from Jerusalem. Sam Harrell from Nairobi. Martin Accad from Beirut. Molly Marshall spoke about Myanmar, based on a recent trip there. Wendell Griffen spoke about prison reform, albeit from his legal chambers in Little Rock, Ark. All did interviews via their computers through Skype with Cliff Vaughn,’s media producer, from his […] Read More

What does Romans 13 say about immigration? Nothing. Not a word. The word doesn’t even appear in the passage. Yet Romans 13 is the text of choice for those who favor anti-immigration legislation. Romans 13:1-7 says in part: “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, […] Read More

Thursday was a very good day – personally and for goodwill Baptists. It began at 1:13 a.m. with a confusing awareness that the hotel fire alarm was screeching, beeping, bleeping – however one would describe that sound. The alarm was a false one, one that continued for some 20 minutes and another 20 minutes ringing […] Read More

The Ten Commandments trump the Sermon on the Mount in Tennessee, the buckle on the Bible Belt, where repeated efforts have been made to post the Ten Commandments in public buildings without corresponding efforts to post the Sermon on the Mount. Most recently, Tennessee state Rep. Matthew Hill introduced a bill to have the Ten […] Read More

Whether one agrees or disagrees with the Sanford, Fla., police department’s handling of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, what moral good is advanced by a Southern Baptist Convention official accusing black leaders of being “race hustlers” and President Obama of pouring “gasoline on the racialist fires”? The answer, of course, is none. No moral […] Read More

Unless you are one of the three winners of the $656 million Mega Millions lottery, you lost your dream of being wealthy beyond imagination. You may be deeply disappointed that the lottery failed to deliver what you expected. If you are an informed advocate of public education, you have long since lost your hopes for […] Read More

New Millennium Church in Little Rock, Ark., called for an economic boycott of Orlando, Fla., after the killing of teenager Trayvon Martin. “We will not support or attend conferences in Orlando. We will not vacation in Orlando. And we urge all other persons and groups who believe in justice to do the same. Orlando, Sanford, […] Read More