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Warren Buffet reportedly coined the term “skin in the game,” by which he meant that corporate executives showed their confidence in their company to outside investors if they had stock in it. If they had nothing to lose, could one really trust what they said or did with the company? If they had personal loss […] Read More

Progressive Christians have a truncated moral agenda when it comes to economic debt. They prioritize immediate federal spending and gloss over the adverse, long-term consequences of the federal debt. They often disparage those concerned about debt as having selfish or greedy motives. Some charge those concerned about the government spending money it doesn’t have as […] Read More

Ear-splitting. Heart-stopping. Breathtaking. Nationally inspiring. These are a few phrases that described the new movie “Captain Phillips.” It’s a pulsing story about Somali pirates who capture a huge freighter from a rickety motorboat only to face the overwhelming might of the U.S. military. If the movie “Black Hawk Down” was the story about the defeat […] Read More

What does the Bible say about prisons? First, the prison issue was at the top of Jesus’ moral agenda. He prioritized concern for the incarcerated at the beginning of his public ministry in his inaugural sermon in Nazareth (Luke 4:16-19). Toward the end of his work and witness, he told a parable about the separation […] Read More

Ever heard of a development event for a Baptist organization that featured the testimonies of a Catholic bishop and a president of a Methodist foundation? Not likely. Yet one actually took place on Oct. 1 in Little Rock, Ark. The very day that the United States government shutdown, the doors of the Christian church opened […] Read More

Separated by a single vowel, “vocation” and “vacation” have a complicated relationship. Vocation comes from the Latin word vocatio, which means a call. Originally, the concept of vocation bore religious freight. Men and women were called to religious duty. Those called to serve God were also called to celibacy, for example. It was their way […] Read More

BBC News’ Africa page has a gem of a moral resource. It offers almost every day an African proverb. For example, a recent proverb from the Ashanti people, many of whom live in Ghana, read, “One who climbs a good tree always gets a good push.” Simple. Insightful. Truthful. Profitable. Another African proverb reads: “The […] Read More

President Obama has set forth a false choice: Do nothing about Syria’s use of chemical weapons or bomb Syria. The president said, “I do have to ask people, well, if, in fact, you’re outraged by the slaughter of innocent people, what are you doing about it?” He answered, “[E]ither we resign ourselves to saying, there’s […] Read More

“Just War” is a time-honored, moral tool for critiquing government war-making arguments. Rooted in Christian tradition, “Just War” provides understandable moral language that extends beyond the bounds of Christianity. And while government leaders might not explicitly cite “Just War” when evaluating the use of military force, “Just War” rules often appear in their framing of […] Read More

Doctors Without Borders announced on Saturday that its affiliated hospitals in the Damascus area had seen thousands of patients suffering from a chemical weapons attack with several hundred deaths. The group reported that the hospitals had “received approximately 3,600 patients displaying neurotoxic symptoms in less than three hours on the morning of Wednesday, August 21, […] Read More